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To-do list
**Keep an eye on [[:Category:Considered for deletion]]
**All categories and list articles of "Minor" somethings need to be eliminated, their content merged into proper categories or articles. Nothing is objectively "minor", and I feel it is a useless or even positively misleading parameter.
**All starship categories need their text reviewed and corrected where it falsely claims to list "all canon" ships of a given class. Technically, the categories naturally only include the articles we have here on Sarna and there's no way to ascertain all ships named in canon have articles; and further, the categories and the articles therein aren't restricted to canon only - there are a number of apocryphal vessels out there which absolutely are included in the categories.
**Generally, find and terminate with extreme prejudice any unused, superfluous or misleading categories. We shouldn't create categories just for the sake of creating categories here, and too many categories seem to be just that.
*[[BattleTech]] article needs to be updated and expanded