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* [[Kenyon Marik]] declares himself [[First Lord]] of the [[Star League]].<ref name="BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction">''[[BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction]] pg.23 Succession Wars Era''</ref>* Neutrality of [[ComStar]] outlined by [[Communications Protocol of 2787]].<ref name="BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction" />
* With bulk of [[AFFS]] stationed along [[Capellan Confederation]] border, [[DCMS]] launches massive invasion of [[Federated Suns]].<ref>''[[Handbook: House Davion]] p.55 Timeline: First Succsession War''</ref>
* Federated Suns [[FedSuns]] [[War Zone Actions]] become an law.<ref name="BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction" />
* December - [[Draconis Combine]] launches [[Operation Broken Blade]], an attempt to cripple production on [[Hesperus II]].
* [[New Kyoto]]'s [[Bolson Shipyards]] are destroyed by Free Worlds League forces.