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33rd Division (Word of Blake)

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| nickname =''Purity of Heart''| parent formation = [[Word of Blake Militia]]| formed = later 3060s| year = 3074| unitname =33rd Division (''Purity of Heart'')
==Unit Description==
The 33rd Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake Militia unit which was revealed at open throws of the [[Jihad]]. The unit was noted for its operations in the Federated Suns as part of the Blake's Federated Sun Military Theater command.
===Raiding Deneb Kaitos and Ruchbah===
The Division first appeared in [[3069]] where its divided into two forces to take worlds of [[Deneb Kaitos]] and [[Ruchbah]]. The elements sent to Deneb Kaitos, backed up by mercenary troops successfully over whelmed the [[FedSun]] Planetary Reservist force on the planet. However, on Ruchbah, 33rd's half-division meet with resilient resistence from the surviving forces after destroying majority of the defenders. The entire 33rd Division linked up on Ruchbah in effort wipe out the underground resistence consisting of citizens and surviving militia troops. However, their efforts failed put end to Ruchbah's resistant movement.
Word of Blake Militia command pulled 33rd from the planet, citing more high priorities for the mainline unit. The system was blockaded instead using it Blake's control of nearby worlds.
===Robinson Campaign===
The 33rd freed of its attempts quell resistence on Ruchbah, were dispatched to Robinson to occupy the [[Draconis March]] capital. They conducted their assault in [[3071]], where they manage to hold the planet until [[3072]]. Allied coalition of forces pushed the unit off the planet, inflicting heavy damage to it.
===Raiding in the Suns===
The unit in tatters, it returned to the [[Word of Blake Protectorate|Blake Protectorate]] to regroup. Two [[Level III]] formations emerged from shadows in late [[3073]] to begin concentrate raids on FedSun worlds on border with Protectorate. Finally part of what can descriped as mini-campaign, was against worlds of [[Axton]] and [[Goshen]] in middle of [[3074]]. The Division most successful strike was when it inflicted considerable damage against [[Wangker Aerospace]] on Axton, causing them cease production which has not recovered from as of 3075.
==CompositionHistory====3069==*Word of Blake [[Level IV|Division]]
*2 [[Level III]] formations
*[[Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents]]<references/>
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