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Sphinx Raptor

The Sphinx Raptor is an animal native to the planet Dagda in the Pentagon Cluster. It is the natural enemy of the nova cat.

Sphinx Raptor.jpg
Sphinx Raptor
(Raptor Sphinx Dagdanis)
Creature information
Type Native
Homeworld Dagda
Environment Grasslands
Average mass 75 kg
Average length 100 cm
Average height 80 cm
STR  ???
BOD  ???
DEX  ???
RFL  ???
WIL  ???
EDG  ???
Traits  ???
Skills  ???
Size  ???
Armor  ???
Attack  ???


This four-legged predator, with a leathery brown hide marked by patches of long blackish fur, is one of the most brutal species in all of Clan space. Hunting in packs of anywhere from six to eighteen individuals, the sphinx raptor will kill everything it encounters, a behavior which actually hinders its own survival. Although it has poor hearing and vision, its sense of smell is good, and the creature can jump as high as three meters.[1]

When creating the Clans, Nicholas Kerensky briefly considered making the sphinx raptor a totem animal. However, despite its utter lethality, Nicholas decided that the single-minded nature of the sphinx raptor would be a poor model for his new society.[1]


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