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Spinward Showgirl

Spinward Showgirl
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Spinward Showgirl was a DropShip operated by a self-contained business that took up residence at the Star League-era recharge station discovered by Interstellar Expeditions in the M9III.2855 system in 2995. While the station had been abandoned following the collapse of the Star League, others such as explorers, bandits and even straggling units attempting to follow General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus had stumbled across the station and used it prior to its discovery by Interstellar Expeditions.[1]

Having discovered the station, Interstellar Expeditions began to use it as a waypoint and rest stop for expeditions. The station - known colloquially as Rest Stop - was determined to have been established by the Star League because of the prominence of the system primary, a red giant, in the local astrogeographical area, making it an easy navigation target for vessels, even those with basic astronavigation equipment. With news of the Interstellar Expeditions presence at Rest Stop spreading, other interests such as the Spinward Showgirl were attracted to the system and enjoyed varying degrees of popularity with those traveling through the system.[1]

The Spinward Showgirl hosted a bar and a brothel, and was popular with Interstellar Expeditions staff; however, the increasing popularity of Rest Stop also attracted the attention of pirates, who had little success when facing armed Interstellar Expeditions craft but rather more success against less well-armed travelers.[1] Oddly, the Spinward Showgirl continued to remain operational despite pirate attacks.[2]


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