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Stanford Blake

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Stanford Blake
Died 3054[1]
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Profession Director of Wolfnet

Stanford Blake (died 3055) was a MechWarrior and intelligence officer in Wolf's Dragoons, eventually becoming the director of Wolfnet.

Personal HistoryEdit

Early Life and CareerEdit

Emblem of Wolf's Dragoons

Like most early members of Wolf's Dragoons, little is known of Stanford Blake's early life. It may be assumed that he was born in the Clan Homeworlds and was almost certainly a Freebirth. At some point testing out as a MechWarrior, Stanford was chosen to join Wolf's Dragoons, and was given the "Blake" surname, an obvious reference to Jerome Blake, the founder of ComStar, who was held in high regard by Kerensky's descendants for his actions during the Amaris Civil War. Blake held the rank of Major and was assigned as Colonel Jaime Wolf's intelligence officer, attached to Alpha Regiment's command lance.[2]

On 6 March, 3015, in the climatic moment of the Marik Civil War, Anton Marik ordered the arrests of Joshua Wolf and 27 other Dragoon personnel and dependents stationed at the Edel Compound on New Delos. Blake, who was apparently on-planet but not at the compound, relayed a message to Colonel Jaime Wolf, informing him of the situation.[3]

In service to House KuritaEdit

Blake accompanied Wolf, Alpha Regiment and several other Dragoon units on a heavy raid of Quentin in June 3023, the first major action they would take in the employ of the Draconis Combine. Blake gave the situational brief when the mercenary Snake Stompers, in House Davion's employ, pushed hard into Major Kelly Yukinov's advance in the Fire Rift, potentially compromising Alpha's advance. Blake gave as assessment of the opposing unit, and Wolf determined that if the Stompers weren't flushed out quickly, they could inflict serious damage on the Dragoons. Blake accompanied Wolf, the command lance and Chu-sa Minobu Tetsuhara, House Kurita's liaison officer to the Dragoons, into the field.[4] Wolf ordered Blake, in his Phoenix Hawk LAM, and Captain William Cameron, Wolf's communications officer, to hold position while he and the remaining three command lance members took a closer look at the Stompers. Forty-five minutes later, the two received word that the lance had been ambushed, and that Colonel Wolf was missing. Blake took flight in his LAM, trying to locate Wolf.[5] Wolf was eventually rescued by Tetsuhara and Sergeant Dechan Fraser. The following day, Blake gave another situational briefing, this time with Coordinator Takashi Kurita in attendance. Blake gave a full analysis of the situation as Major Yukinov led Alpha Regiment against the Snake Stompers, eventually compromising their opponents' position and forcing them to surrender. Blake gave a detailed report on the ongoing situation, explaining that Delta Regiment would now launch a feint attack on Port Gailfry while the bulk of the Davion defenders who had been defending the actual objective, the Independence Weaponry factories in Fasolht, would be lured away under the belief that Alpha Regiment was attempting to link up with Delta. The Coordinator was impressed by Blake's report, and the Dragoons as a whole.[6] The Quentin operation proved to be a great success for the Dragoons.

As the years passed, the Dragoons' relationship with House Kurita, which had begun with so much promise, deteriorated. In June 3027, the Coordinator summoned Colonel Wolf to Luthien to face the allegations of Warlord Grieg Samsonov, who had been attempting to discredit the Dragoons, and either put them under his direct authority or destroy them completely. Blake accompanied Wolf to Unity Palace in the Imperial City, the very heart of the Combine, along with Major Olga Kormenski (Wolf's security chief) and three members of the Seventh Kommando, the Dragoons special forces group. Blake was not allowed to accompany Wolf in his meeting with the Coordinator and Samsonov, but did input his data on the Dragoons' actions during their employ with the Combine. Blake and Kormenski attempted to persuade Wolf to consider the possibility that Wolf's words would be heard, but he was stubborn.[7] As a result, the meeting with the Coordinator did not go as well as it might have, and Wolf and his officers headed back to An Ting with the situation unresolved.

When Wolf's party returned to the An Ting system in January 3028, they were met by Cameron along with Captains Fraser, Susan Lean and Anton Shadd, as well as Chu-sa Jerry Akuma and Quinn of the ISF. Akuma had reached An Ting before Wolf with superior transport. When his Captains hesitated to report to Wolf in the presence of Akuma and Quinn, Blake pointed out that they would be overheard anywhere on the space station. They reported that the situation on the planet between the Dragoons and the civilian population had continued to deteriorate, including an incident involving a bar fight resulting in civilian deaths. Blake questioned the reliability of any witness statements in an attempt to needle Akuma.[8] Arriving on the planet, the Dragoons were mobbed outside their base by a mass of "civilians", presumed to have been arranged or incited by Akuma. When the mob was sparked to attacked the Dragoons, Blake was buried under a mass of people and was later assaulted with a brick, but was helped by Fraser. Blake escaped the encounter with a gash to his scalp, taking charge of the situation. The Dragoons retreated within their compound.[9] When Akuma demanded a meeting with the injured Colonel Wolf, Blake put him off, giving his commander time to recover. When finally granted a meeting, the Combine officer heaped accusations on the Dragoons, blaming them for the entire situation and accusing them of murdering Combine civilians.[10] Later when Tetsuhara arrived with Marisha Dandridge and the body of an assassin, Blake examined the dead man's equipment, determining that it was Lyran in origin. When ComStar refused service to the Dragoons, naming the mercenaries as "outlaws", Wolf ordered Blake to contact the organization to determine the cause.[11] When Tetsuhara left, Blake alone understood that under House Kurita's Dictum Honorium, they would almost certainly be enemies when next they met.[12] Inevitably, open fighting broke out between the Dragoons and the Ryuken-ichi, under Akuma's overall command. The Dragoons were ultimately victorious on An Ting, with Fraser personally killing Akuma and Quinn.

At War with the DragonEdit

Alpha Regiment


In April 3028, Blake and Wolf would join the rest of the Dragoon 'Mech units on Misery, challenging the forces of House Kurita to an honor duel. The Battle of Misery proved to be one of the largest, most bloody 'Mech battles in history, as all five Dragoon regiments, along with Zeta Battalion and the Black Widow Company, faced off against the Ryuken, now consisting of four regiments, along with the 17th and 21st Galedon Regulars, and the elite 8th Sword of Light. The Kuritan force would be led by newly-promoted Tai-sho Minobu Tetsuhara, acting under Samsonov's orders.[13] Before the main engagements began, a recon mission by Captain Fraser led to the capture of Fadre Singh, a former Dragoon and traitor who had accepted the rank of Tai-sa in the Ryuken in return for betraying their Hegira plan to Samsonov. Blake and the other Dragoon officers present reacted with shock and contempt at Singh's actions, and he was immediately executed by Captain Natasha Kerensky.[14]

On 29 April, Wolf, Blake and the command lance was nearly destroyed in the Hamar Valley, as they moved from Able Battalion's position to Charlie's position near Farsund. Blake, airborne in his Phoenix Hawk LAM, spotted a company of Ryuken to the left of Wolf's march line. When Wolf changed his trajectory, Blake continued to scout ahead, only to encounter another enemy 'Mech company. The Major had just enough time to call out a warning before his LAM was shot down. Wolf and the command lance quickly came over the hill and engaged the Ryuken. They successfully destroyed nine enemy 'Mechs and forced the others to retreat, but not before losing three more of their own machines, along with the life of top scout Lieutenant Sheila Selden. Blake and the other ejected pilots were recovered, although the loss of Cameron's advanced Cyclops hampered the Dragoons for the rest of the campaign.[2][15]

The Dragoons would win the Battle of Misery, but their losses would be astronomical. Alpha Regiment was reorganized into four provisional companies after the campaign, with the Black Widow Company attached as a fifth company. Major Blake took command of Alpha's Third Provisional Company, now piloting a Clint.[2] Blake's Company was composed entirely of Medium and Light 'Mechs, more than have of which [16]


Alpha Regiment was assigned to defend Glenmora when the Fourth Succession War broke out. In September 3028, Glenmora was attacked by the 5th Galedon Regulars. Early in the campaign, Major Kelly Yukinov, again filling in for Colonel Wolf as acting commander, was critically injured. Yukinov turned command over to Major Coshasa DuKirk, a newcomer to the Dragoons, despite the fact that other Dragoon officers, including Blake and Patrick Chan had seniority and was one of the "original" Dragoons besides. DuKirk quickly proved herself to the Dragoons, and the mercenaries waged an effective guerilla campaign for several months before being forced to retreat.[17] Glenmora proved to be particularly brutal on Blake's Third Provisional Company; of the the 12 MechWarriors in the unit at the start of the battle, only Blake and two others survived.[18]


In September 3029, the surviving Dragoons made their last stand on Crossing, at one point facing four-to-one odds. Blake was seriously injured and his Clint was destroyed during the fighting, but the Dragoons barely survived thanks to the sudden return of Zeta Battalion.[2][19]



At some point after the Fourth Succession War, Blake was promoted to Colonel and placed in charge of Wolfnet, the Dragoons' intelligence agency. Despite no longer being an active field officer, Blake continued to wear a basic MechWarrior undress uniform with rank insignia in staff meetings, going without any special decorations or medals.[20] Blake took part in the command council's decision to insist the Wolf have a personal bodyguard lance (in addition to his reinforced command lance) that would be commanded by Wolf's longtime bodyguard, Lieutenant Hans Vordel. At Blake's suggestion, the lance was composed of warriors from different age groups, balancing youth and experience.[21] A particular coup for Blake, Wolnet and the Dragoons came when Dechan Fraser and Jenette Rand were both taken in by Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita, son of Takashi, as advisors. Theodore needed the Dragoons' expertise to rebuild the Ryuken, and initiate his military reforms. Fraser and Rand dutifully submitted reports on the new DCMS for years, but were never recalled or even contacted.[22]

Clan Invasion EraEdit

When the Clan Invasion finally came in 3050, Jamie Wolf and the Dragoons pledged themselves to the Inner Sphere, under contract to the Federated Commonwealth. Wolf continually pushed to have the Dragoons released to the Clan/Federated Commonwealth front, but the elite mercenaries were held in reserve by First Prince Hanse Davion, who feared the Combine would collapse if Luthien fell to the invaders. Blake expressed confidence that Theodore Kurita could hold the Combine together if that happened, but that view was rebutted by the First Prince, who reminded Intelligence Secretary Justin Allard that Takashi Kurita was still Coordinator.[23] The Dragoons would successfully participate in the Battle of Luthien, saving the heart of their old enemies.

In 3053, Blake met Lieutenant Brian Cameron, a product of the Dragoon sibkos and a genetic descendant of William Cameron, who had been killed on Crossing 23 years earlier. The younger Cameron, who had just earned his Honorname, and had been assigned as Colonel Wolf's aide and field communications officer. Despite their vast age difference between the two, they grew close, with Blake mentoring the young officer.[24] At the same encounter, Blake and other senior officers took part in a discussion regarding accusations made against Major Vic Kantov's battalion of Gamma Regiment, who had been under the employ of the Free Worlds League until allegations were made including breach of contract. Despite Colonel Neil Parella's protestations of innocence, Blake pointed out that House Marik had impressive evidence against the Dragoons, and that the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission were likely to find against them. Blake defended Cameron's naïveté regarding the Dragoons from now-Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Chan.[25] Blake reviewed the commission's report finding against the Dragoons, and shortly afterwards the Dragoons began dismissing members of Kantov's battalion who had not left on their own.[26] Blake's sources later placed Kantov on a JumpShip headed towards the Capellan Confederation, having been hired on by Olson's Rangers, a less-than reputable mercenary unit.[27] Some time later, Blake took notice of a Dragoon contract involving House Liao and the St. Ives Compact. Liao had hired all of Alpha Regiment for a raid on Brighton, when the intel provided indicated only a reinforced battalion would have been needed. Blake found this suspicious, but noted that Epsilon Regiment was on nearby Relevow in case Alpha experienced unforeseen difficulties. Blake was monitoring the situation when Cameron approached him, concerned that Wolf was going senile after the Colonel called Brian "William". Blake assuaged the younger officers fears, then inquired into Beta Regiment's operations.[28]

During the Dragoons' defense of Morges alongside AFFC troops against a Jade Falcon attack in February 3054, Blake presented a contract proposal to Colonel Wolf, forwarded by the hiring hall back on Outreach. The contract on behalf of the Draconis Combine, for two Dragoon regiments to face the Nova Cats on Meinacos. Wolf and his son, Mackenzie Wolf, both opposed the offer, citing the feud with Kurita, despite Blake vocally accosting him for ignoring the practical aspects of the situation. Blake strongly pointed out that the Dragoons had to support military forces that no five planets could handle with the resources of one. Wolf gave Blake license to even shout at him among junor officers (though no one outside the Dragoons). Despite all this, Wolf remained obstinate.[29] Later when an assassination attempt was made on Colonel Wolf by an Elemental on Outreach, Blake analyzed the evidence, determining the suit was of Nova Cat manufacture.[30] A few months later, a Kuritan emissary arrived with a message from Takashi Kurita, challenging Colonel Wolf to a duel to the death. Blake and many other older officers vigorously lobbied against the idea of the duel.[31] When Wolf accepted, Blake insisted that Kurita specialists accompany his party to Luthien,[32] as well as extracting promises from Cameron and Vordel that they would personally accompany Wolf to the duel.[33]

Dragoon Civil War and DeathEdit

While Wolf and his party were away, Blake began noticing further problems with the Dragoons, and even suspected his deputy at Wolfnet, Captain Janey Svados, of withholding information from him. This was confirmed when Blake only learned of Wolf's return through Cameron, who had noticed that communiques were being falsified. Blake was also uninformed of a meeting of the command council, officially being held for Wolf to choose his new second-in-command, in the aftermath of Mackenzie Wolf's death. Blake was particularly upset with Wolf, who seemed to be slipping, distracted as he was with his son's death. Blake attended the fateful council meeting where Elson Novacat challenged Colonel Wolf for leadership of the Dragoons, championing Mackenzie's son, Alpin Wolf. Elson defeated Colonel Wolf's champion, Pietr Shadd, and Wolf was deposed.[34] When Elson sent elements of the Seventh Kommando to assassinate Jaime Wolf, the die was cast, and the senior Wolf departed for the Outback to rally supporters for a rebellion, effectively a Trial of Refusal by Clan law. The Dragoon Civil War had begun. Blake chose to remain in Harlech, where he claimed he could be more help.[35] In Blake's absence, Elson promoted Captain Svados in his place as the head of the "loyalist" faction of Wolfnet.[36]

In one of the climatic moments of the conflict, Blake worked with Michi Noketsuna to steal Elson's attack plan against the rebels and send it to Colonel Wolf. Breaking into Harlech's ComStar HPG compound, Noketsuna got the plans to Blake and was able to hold off the Seventh Kommando operatives pursuing him long enough for Blake to relay the plans from the HPG to a satellite that beamed them to Wolf. Unfortunately, this resulted in a violent confrontation between Blake, the last loyalist commando and ComStar security, leading to the deaths of Blake and the commando.[37] With his final dying act, Stanford Blake ensured that Jaime Wolf would have the intelligence he needed to win the war.


Stanford Blake's furthest-reaching accomplishment was the further development of Wolfnet. This intelligence organization remained one of the most important in the Inner Sphere well after Blake's death, and even into the years of the Jihad. Blake's final act helped Jaime Wolf triumph against Elson's Challenge, ensuring the survival of the Dragoons for the next decade.[37] After Elson's Challenge and the reorganization or the Dragoons, the "Blake" surname was made an Honorname in recognition of Stanford Blake. One of the holders of this Honorname would be Anton Blake,[38] who would eventually go on to command the Dragoons.[39] It is unknown if the younger Blake was a blood relation to Stanford Blake.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Blake was considered a superb intelligence officer with an excellent sense of military situations, frequently giving briefings to employers as well as his fellow Dragoons.[6] Even in his later years, Blake was described as "dapper", and apparently maintained a level of conditioning that allowed him to continue to be effective in the field when called upon to do so. Although his year of birth is never given, he is stated to have been in "advanced middle age" at the time of the Clan Invasion. He came off as more approachable than many other Dragoon senior officers, and developed a close camaraderie with Brian Cameron, despite the significant age difference between the two officers.[40] Among the last of the "old-timers", those of Jaime Wolf's inner circle who had been close to him in the years building up to the Fourth Succession War, Blake was uniquely qualified in that he was completely loyal to Wolf, but was more than willing to question or criticize the Colonel when Blake felt Wolf was acting unwisely.[29][31] Like most Dragoon officers, Blake was an elite MechWarrior.[2]


"Don't be afraid of growing up; it's the only way to be yourself instead of someone else's idea of what you should be."
  — Colonel Stanford Blake, to Brian Cameron[41]


Phoenix Hawk LAM

Blake spent much of his career piloting a Phoenix Hawk LAM. That he was entrusted with such an exceedingly rare 'Mech, almost unknown even within the Dragoons, was a mark of his ability and the value of his position.[2] After his LAM was shot down on Misery,[15] Blake switched to a Clint, which he continued using for the remainder of the Fourth Succession War. The Clint was destroyed on Crossing, but once again Blake survived.[2] He was not known to have piloted other 'Mechs after these events.


  • According to A Guide to Covert Ops, Wolfnet was founded by Margaret Tulliver shortly after the Dragoons arrived in the Inner Sphere.[42] This seems implausible, as she is credited as a Deputy Director of Wolfnet by many sources at the time of the Jihad, when she would have been in her late 80s at least. It is unclear who the founding director of Wolfnet was, but it may be presumed that it was not Stanford Blake based on Brian Cameron's narrative in Wolf Pack.[43]
  • There is no evidence whatsoever that Stanford Blake held any blood-relation to Jerome Blake of ComStar.


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