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Star League-in-Exile

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Alternately known as the Exodus Planetary Council, the so-called Star League-in Exile was a provisional government that oversaw the Pentagon and Kerensky Cluster worlds settled by the Exodus Fleet. The collapse of the Star League-in-Exile following the death of General Aleksandr Kerensky and the resulting Pentagon Civil War would trigger the formation of the Clans.

Star League Logo.png
Star League in Exile
Faction Profile
Time period: 27862801
Classification: Coalition
Controlled systems: ~ 7+ (Approximate)
Capital world: Eden
Ruler title: Protector of the Star League
Military: Star League Defense Force
Secret Service: Star League Intelligence Corps



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For entire length of its existence, the Star League-in-Exile was led by Aleksandr Kerensky, once again adopting his former title of Protector of the Star League.[1]


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