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Sterling McKenna

Sterling McKenna
Born 3101
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven
Profession Khan

Sterling McKenna (b. 3101[1] d. ????) was an aerospace pilot and Khan of Clan Snow Raven.

Character HistoryEdit

While she was going through her sibko training, she showed her aptitude for piloting an aerospace fighter. When she conducted her Trial of Position, she did well enough to earn the rank of Star Colonel, and was placed into the Fifth Raven Wing Cluster which was stationed on the Draconis Combine border in the 3120s. Through some combat action, Sterling was able to attain the rank of Galaxy Commander of Gamma Galaxy in 3128.[1]

Most Raven commanders are normally quick to jump into the political arena, Sterling though was late to the party. When she won her Bloodname in 3129, she showed she was just as astute at the game of politics than the ones who have been at for longer. Two years after attaining her bloodname, she was able to position herself to claim the title of Khan of Clan Snow Raven. Once her closest ally, Star Admiral Iqbal Lankenau was elected as saKhan, they were a powerhouse in the Clan Council.[1]

In 3134, Sterling began a personal relationship with First Prince Harrison Davion, whose wife died a few years earlier. During this business and personal relationship, she was spending most of her time on New Avalon, this meant that she had to rely on her saKhan in order to keep the Raven Alliance running smoothly. When Harrison died in 3135, McKenna began a similar relationship to his son Caleb, though it was pretty clear that this relationship was not as strong.

When the Combine invaded the Federated Suns in the 3140s, the Ravens were claiming neutrality in the conflict. When Prince Caleb was killed in the system of Palmyra, it is believed that Sterling tipped off the Combine generals as to the plans of Caleb's counterattack and his whereabouts. The reason suspicion is on her is that there was a peaceful transfer of three Combine worlds to the Ravens no more than a month after the disaster at Palmyra. Sterling also orchestrated a land grab of the worlds of Haynesville, Diboll, and Inner End from the Federated Suns.[2]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Snow Raven

Succeeded by


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