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Stork Light Refueling Craft
Production information
Manufacturer Asuncion Industries
Use Refueling
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Chassis Type (Size) Fixed Wing
Equipment Rating
Introduced 2623
Technical specifications
Mass 80 tons
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) 5 tons
Armor 5.5 tons (BAR 10)
Crew 4
BV (2.0) 468[1]


The Stork was a Capellan Confederation flying tanker. Developed in a time of Capellan economic crisis, it was supposed to be a cheap way of extending a fighter's range. The vessel proved successful in its primary mission. Some talented crews, such as one on-board the Stork named Enola (the longest serving Stork in Capellan service), managed to achieve kills of hostile fighters or VTOLs. These crews are the exception rather than the rule. Most Stork crews simply do their jobs day in and day out, with little fanfare.[1]

Equipment and CapabilitiesEdit

The Stork could withstand small attacks from enemies thanks to its quartet of AMS systems and five and a half tons of armor, which was focused on protecting the nose and tail of the aircraft. The onboard fuel tank carried enough fuel to refill three fighters, making two Storks capable of refueling a whole squadron of fighters.[1]

To deter the crew from engaging in combat, the Stork was equipped with a pair of SRM-4 launchers. Though these can be effective weapons, the Stork crew typically used them to cover their escape from a combat situation. These weapons are also useful against lightly armored ground targets, like conventional infantry armed with missiles.[1]


The original Stork model lacked the Anti-Missile Systems of the most commonly used model. This gave it a liquid storage capability of nearly twenty-four tons. BV (2.0) = 329[3]


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