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Subhash Indrahar

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Subhash Indrahar
Also known as "the Smiling One"[1]
Born 2968
Died 1 July 3058
Affiliation House Indrahar
Profession Director of the Internal Security Force
Children Ninyu Kerai Indrahar (Adopted)
At least one other son.

Subhash Indrahar (born 2968[2] – died 3058) was the Director of the Internal Security Force of the Draconis Combine.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the city of Fujima on the planet Kagoshima,[3] Subhash was a childhood friend of Takashi Kurita, the heir and eventual Coordinator of the Draconis Combine. He was enrolled in the ISF's Internal Security College, where he was identified for advanced placement.

Early CareerEdit

Subhash was a truly exceptional ISF agent, part of successful operations in Proserpina and Rasalhague. He infiltrated the Rasalhague Self-Determination Party in order to discredit Martin Sorenson, one of the most determined of Rasalhague's dissident leaders. His work uncovering a plot against the life of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita brought to the post as aide to the Director of ISF in Luthin.[1]

He eventually was appointed aide to the Director on Luthien after the ninth unsuccessful attempt against Takashi Kurita's life.[1]


Subhash was promoted to Director sometime after Takashi's ascension as Coordinator. He became a formidable force, one of the most feared men in the Combine. Perhaps even more feared than Takashi Kurita himself.

He created the Sons of the Dragon sometime after being appointed ISF Director. The existence of this extremely secret society is unknown even to Takashi Kurita.[1]

Kurita sent Indrahar to Atreus in 3022 to meet with Janos Marik, Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. The Intelligence Director helped lay the groundwork for the Concord of Kapteyn, which was signed on Terra later that year. [4]

In the aftermath of the Galtor campaign in 3025, a member of Takashi Kurita's own household who had been compromised defected to the Federated Suns. During his debriefing by Davion intelligence, he suggested that even Takashi was somewhat afraid of Indrahar, and that he watched his words around him. [5]

At some unknown point, he became a mentor and contact to Daniel Sorenson, commander of Sorenson's Sabres, the elite independent company of the 5th Sword of Light. [6]

As Director of the ISF, Subhash regularly attended the Coordinator's "Black Room" meetings, which otherwise included only the Warlords of the Combine and the Coordinator himself. He assisted Takashi at these meetings by loyally providing intelligence and pointed questions for the Warlords as needed. [7]

Subhash and the ISF partially supported the machinations of Warlord Grieg Samsonov that led to Wolf's Dragoons destructive departure from the Combine in 3028. However, his motivations for doing so were apparently to bind the Dragoons to remain with the Combine by damaging their reputation and support. When Samsonov and his aide, Jerry Akuma, exceeded these parameters with the obvious intent of destroying the Dragoons, Subhash withdrew the ISF's support, and even ordered Akuma's death. [8]

Rise of Kokuryu-kaiEdit

In August of 3056, Indrahar convened a meeting with his advisers regarding activities of the Kokuryu-kai (aka the "Black Dragon Society") on Luthien. He showed in meeting of the advisers a raid his ISF commandos against Kokuryu-kai meeting, being concern traitors being so close heart of Combine government. Among the decisions he made he dispatched his then heir-designate to ISF leadership, Ninyu Kerai-Indrahar to Hachiman investigate Kokuryu-kai activity there.[9]

Activities on HachimanEdit

On Hachiman, word from his adopted son lead to Subhash to believe that Chandrasekhar Kurita was acting manner to suggest he was in treason against House Kurita. He authorizes his son, Ninyu to probe into Chandrasekhar's H.T.E. Compound where his hired mercenaries with the 17th Recon Regiment guarding it from attack.

In early October, Ninyu's deployed DEST troops infiltrated the Compound by using Word of Blake raiders. Blakist believing that H.T.E. had discovered the new method of Faster Than Light communication technology. However, the raid is stopped by the mercenaries. [10]

His son's investigations feared him that Chandrasekhar was becoming friendly with the Clans. [11]


He lived at least as long as 3058, still as Director. [12]

A monument commemorating Fujima as the birthplace of Subhash Indrahar stands in that city; naturally, the monument in the city of Eto, the city on Kagoshima in which Coordinator Takashi Kurita was born, is substantially larger than that dedicated to Indrahar.[3]

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

He is known to have had a son who was something of a disappointment. [13] He had an adopted son, Ninyu Kerai Indrahar, who eventually succeeded him as head of the ISF sometime prior to the Jihad.[14]

Titles and PositionsEdit


  • Subhash Indrahar was likely descended from Clarissa Indrahar, who was the Director of the ISF under Coordinator Shinjiro Kurita. [15]
  • Subhash Indrahar was a tenth level kendo specialist. Unknown to all, he was actually also developed his ki power even beyond the tenth degree. His mastery was so great that he can manipulate others to his will by influencing their ki energy with his own.[1]


A good soldier never questions orders. This is both his greatest strength and weakness.
  — ISF Director Subhash Indrahar, Wisdom of the Dragon's Senses
He who breaks his opponent's weapon may strike with impunity.
  — ISF Director Subhash Indrahar, Wisdom of the Dragon's Senses
Indrahar speaks eight languages fluently. Amazing to think that he learned six of them just so he could interrogate suspects directly.
  — Janos Marik, 3022 [16]



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