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Sumire Hiyama

Sumire Hiyama
Affiliation ComStar
Director of the ComStar Explorer Service

Sumire Hiyama was the third director of the ComStar Explorer Service, holding the post from 3021 to 3031.[1]


Born on the Terran island of Kyushu, the quiet and soft-spoken Sumire Hiyama would attend Waseda Daigaku in the Tokyo Metroplex, receiving a doctorate in astrophysics in 3011. Joining ComStar in 3013, Hiyama would work in both the Omega (Research) and Beta (Scientific Analysis) divisions before joining the Explorer Corps in 3017. Her keen analytical mind and diplomatic nature with co-workers ensured she rose swiftly through the ranks, being named as Deputy Director of the Explorer Service in late 3020, succeeding her superior Athena Heath as Director when she died in office in 3021.[1]

During Sumire Hiyama's tenure as Director, the Explorer Corps expanded its mission to include monitoring the exploratory missions launched by the Great Houses and other parties into Deep Periphery, as well as discovering the Star League facility Columbus in 3023, a key Explorer Corps facility in later years.[1] Despite these achievements, Sumire Hiyama would abruptly resign as Director of the Explorer Service in 3031 following Myndo Waterly's assumption of the Primacy of ComStar, apparently in response to an old antipathy between both women. The nature of the friction is unknown, but apparently was of such a nature that Hiyama was not willing to serve under Waterly or ComStar any further, leaving the Order entirely, never officially seen or heard from ever again.[2]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Athena Heath
Director of the Explorer Corps

Succeeded by
Kennedy Odumbe


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