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Sun Tzu School of Combat

The Sun Tzu School of Combat is a major military academy within the Draconis Combine. Unlike other Kuritan military academies, Sun Tzu teaches cooperation between all branches of the military, and is the only one which awards the daisho (the Wakizashi and a Katana blade) to conventional armor and infantry graduates as well as MechWarrior and aerospace pilots.[1] For this reason, Sun Tzu seeks out primary school graduates with a "team-play" attitude to enroll in the school and many Sun Tzu alumni have gone on to other finishing schools to receive additional officer training.[2][3]

Sun Tzu School of Combat
Sun Tzu Logo
Sun Tzu Logo
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Founding Year Succession War era
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Aerospace Fighter
Conventional Armor

Basic training at Sun Tzu includes the required skills as per DCMS standards, but places less emphasis on competition then encouraging cadets to overcome challenges together. The intent is to teach each branch to work with the others, making the strength of one type of unit compensate for the weakness of another.[4] Classroom education takes place in a largely relaxed atmosphere, with significant time given to studying military history from ancient China to the modern day, particularly stressing the importance of cooperation on the battlefield. The tenets of bushido are taught in such a way which underscores the importance of setting aside personal pride for the good of the Combine.[2][3]

Ironically, the highest dropout rate is among MechWarrior students who cannot overcome their prejudices against the "lesser" branches, and many graduates of other academies hold similar views on Sun Tzu alums. However, Coordinator Theodore Kurita, himself trying to reform the DCMS towards a combined arms approach, saw great value in what the school teaches. In 3057, he bestowed a large financial grant on the school to expand its facilities and double the number of annual graduates.[2][3]


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