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Production information
Manufacturer Swedenborg Heavy Industries[1]
Tech Base Clan (Advanced)
Introduced 3083
Technical specifications
Mass 14 tons
Chassis SVA-14 Glider
Armor UltraProto Standard
Engine 60 Fusion
Speed 'Mech Speeds
  • 10 km/h (Ground)
  • 64 km/h (WiGE Flanking) km/h
Jump Jets WiGE system

2x Medium Chemical Lasers
1x Streak SRM-6
1x Machine Gun

BV (2.0) 540[2]


Fifty percent larger than any other known ProtoMech, the Svartalfa is massive. To match the Svartalfa's large size it also boasts a significant amount of armor, with better than three tons of UltraProto Standard it has more protection than most light 'Mechs. Though its lackluster land speed of 10 km/h -- matched by unarmored infantry -- could prove to be its Achilles heel. Apart from the obvious differences from other ProtoMech designs the Svartalfa's size allows it to be outfitted with a larger than standard cockpit, allowing even pilots from an Elemental breeding line to control this unique Proto.[1]

Originally rumored to be a light or ultralight LAM, the Svartalfa was a well-kept secret until its live-fire test against Clan Wolf where it saw great success. At first confusing the Wolves as to what it was -- too small to be a 'Mech, too large to be a Proto or battle armor -- the defending Wolf warriors were forced into deploying medium and heavy 'Mechs to deal with even a single Svartalfa. It is clear that learning to effectively combat the Svartalfa will have a steep learning curve.[1]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The two Medium Chemical Lasers, though not packing the same 'punch' as their Extended Range cousins, do not require the additional heat dissipation that their fusion-powered brethren does. The downside to this is that unlike every other laser system that exists, it can run out of 'ammunition.' With the addition of heat sinks to deal with laser heat buildup not necessitated, the Svartalfa uses the freed up weight to mount a Streak SRM-6 Launcher giving it some nice close range clout. The addition of a hip mounted Machine Gun gives the Svartalfa decent anti-personnel support.[1]


  • Svartalfa "2" 
    Though not given a designation, one variant of the Svartalfa replaces all the stock weaponry along with some armor for a pair of LRM-15 Launchers, one in the Torso and the other as the 'Main Gun.'
  • Svartalfa 3 
    This Svartalfa version drops the missiles for additional Chemical Lasers, creating a close combat unit.[3]


As of this writing, there is no published record sheet or battle value for variant of the Svartalfa.


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