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Tanadi Computers

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Tanadi Computers
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Hachiman
Primary Products Battle Armor
Computer Equipment

Tanadi Computers is a civilian and military computer maker within the Draconis Combine[1].

Company ProfileEdit

Home Office: Masamori, Hachiman

President/CEO: Marquis Gonsai Somo (Circa 3025)


Tanadi Computers produces computers for office, government, and home use within the Draconis Combine. It addition, it also designs and installs communication systems for those parties who are interested.

As Tanadi has many government contracts working on vital, secret computer technologies, the security clearances and loyalty screening of its employees are higher than even the normal paranoid Kuritan security protocols. Those employees who become curious about what is going on in forbidden sections of the plant will quickly find they have no jobs. Frequently, upstart electronics companies were invited to join Tanadai Computers in the interests of efficiency. These invitations were rumored to occasionally employ "encouragement" from Yakuza clans.[2]

During the mid 3050s, Tanadi became rivals with the Hachiman Taro Electronics company started by Chandrasekhar Kurita. Later, Tanadi would falsely accuse that Chandrasekhar had turned traitor and reported him to the ISF. This resulted in a conflict in 3056 on Hachiman and then bankruptcy for Tanadi. The remnants of the company were then purchased by Hachiman Taro Electronics.[3]

Once purchased by Chandrasekhar Kurita, the CEO of the company was Peter Abdulsattah.[4]



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