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Taurian Guards Corps

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Always considered the showcase corps of the Taurian Defense Force, the Taurian Guards Corps are the primary defenders of the Hyades Cluster.[1]

Taurian Guards Corps
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation TDF
Formed Unknown


The best of the best of the Taurian Concordat, the Taurian Guard has a long and storied history of service in defense of the Taurian people. [1] The first Taurian Guards regiment was destroyed in the Reunification War but as time passed the TDF rebuilt. The Taurian Guards Corps consisted of regiments that had a historical tie to the original Guards regiment. The three regiments were stationed in the Hyades Cluster, and their close proximity allowed them to cross-train with each other. As a result the regiments were skilled in coordinated efforts.[2]

When originally organized at the birth of the Taurian rebellion against the Inner Sphere in 2765, the Taurian Guard was an amalgam of senior units that had survived the earlier Reunification War. The unit was given a christening of fire when it faced off against the legendary General Aleksandr Kerensky in their defense of New Vandenberg from the invading Star League Defense Forces (SLDF) units. [1]

In later years the Guard was reorganized and augmented, increasing to a total of nine BattleMech Regiments organized into three Battalions. The Guard is permanently assigned to guard the Taurian core worlds located in the Hyades Cluster, though common practice was for up to two Battalions of Guard units to rotate out to the border to relieve junior Battalions on patrol there. With the loss of the Taurian Velites this has been scaled back to a single battalion on border relief duty.[3]

The entire Guard Corps has more recently seen action both in the Concordat and farther afield. The Guard was instrumental in defending the core worlds from the attack of the Fighting Urukhai and in the later retaliatory strike into the Federated Suns in response to this mercenary raid. Though they performed well in this campaign into Davion space, the unit has taken substantial damage during the engagements and has been rotated back to the Cluster for refit and repair. [4]

Another unit that lost much in the Federated Suns adventure was the Hyades Light Infantry. The survivors of this unit have been absorbed into the Taurian Guard, but the commanders of the Guard are doing all in their power to keep the Light Infantry together in hopes of someday reviving this storied unit. [4]


The commanding officer of the Taurian Guards is considered to be first among equal ranking Marshals and can act as the Senior Marshal in place of the Protector at his/her request if the Protector feels the Senior Marshal would be better served with an active military leader. Brenda Calderon has long been Senior Marshal of the Taurian Guards, for a short time of the entire brigade, while loyally serving the Taurian nation and people. Only recently in 3063 has she resigned her commission in response to recent changes in Concordat government and policies.[4]

Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Taurian Guards Corps
Marshal Morton Grenadine 3025[5]
Marshal Hadji Doru 3050 - 3054[6][7]
Marshal Brenda Calderon 3058[8]
Marshal Robere Caul 3064 - 3067[9][10]


The Guard prefer heavier BattleMechs than is common in most Periphery units, making them a more resilient foe than is normally seen in even the greatest of Periphery realms.[1]

Composition HistoryEdit



At this time, the Taurian Guards had an extra four 'Mech lances charged with protecting the Privy Council, Protector, and Protector's family. The Concordat Commandos and Taurian Velites had three squadrons of aerospace fighters and a company of Special Asteroid Support Force infantry troopers as well.[2]

3025 to 3058Edit

  • Aide: Colonel Samantha McGrinn [12]

3064 to 3067Edit


The remnants of the Hyades Light Infantry have been assigned to fill the losses to the Taurian Guard after the 3066 retaliatory strike into Federated Suns space. [4]


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