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Tears of Blood

Tears of Blood
Product information
Type Novella (7 parts)
Author Randall N. Bills
Pages 73
Interior artwork Chris Lewis
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published August 2003-05 September 2004
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 17 November 3061-1 November 3062

Tears of Blood is a BattleCorps story written by Randall N. Bills. The serial work follows Caden, a Clan Blood Spirit MechWarrior, through his attempt to win a Bloodname, his encounters with the ProtoMech pilots of his Clan, and the Clan Star Adder invasion of York.

Like Destiny's Call, the first two parts of Tears of Blood were available for free on the BattleCorps website before it went live as a subscription-based service. It is now only available to members who purchase it.

Plot summaryEdit

Part 1Edit

published August 2003
Author of the Blood Spirit faction in the BattleTech Field Manual: Crusader Clans sourcebook, Randall N. Bills fleshes out the feud broiling between Clans Blood Spirit and Star Adder. Caden, a ristar Blood Spirit, is chosen by his House Leader to take back their Bloodheritage's honor and avenge the entire Clan against the hated Adders.

Part 2Edit

published April 2004
To the Clans, nothing is more important than obtaining a Bloodname. And the Trial of Bloodright ceremony is one of their most sacred events. To achieve his House Leader's goals, he must first participate in a Trial of Bloodright ceremony and begin the trials to take an honored Name.

Part 3Edit

published 07 August 2004
Once upon the path, Caden must defeat five opponents to achieve immortality, gaining a Bloodname and having his genetic material mixed with the Spirits' breeding program. Whether at the controls of a 'Mech or fists, Caden quickly learns not all opponents are what they appear to be. Story by Randall N. Bills

Part 4Edit

published 14 August 2004
Caden finds himself walking a path he did not expect, leading ProtoMech pilots, whom he finds abhorrent. Yet dedication to the Clan comes in all forms, and a fight with the Star Adders looms.

Part 5Edit

published 22 August 2004
The Star Adders raid York, attempting to capture a new series of ProtoMechs through a Trial of Possession. Will Caden have the determination to save what he finds worthless? Or will help come from an unexpected quarter. Story by Randall N. Bills

Part 6Edit

published 28 August 2004
Story by Randall N. Bills. In a Clan famous for its adherence to traditions laid down by the Founder himself, Caden finds he must accept new paths and new ways if he is to survive.

Part 7Edit

published 05 September 2004
In the midst of rising Star Adder raids, Caden seeks redemption for past mistakes. But can he change a lifetime of conditioning? And is this only the beginning of a much larger game played by the House Leader to bring Clan Star Adder to its knees? The thrilling conclusion by Randall N. Bills.