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Technical Readout: 3055 Revised

TRO 3055r.jpg
Technical Readout 3055 Revised
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Primary writing  ???
Pages 152
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 8619
First published 1996
ISBN-10 1-55560-164-2
MSRP 15.00
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 3055
Series Technical Readouts
Preceded by Technical Readout: 3055
Followed by Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade


Like the revised editions of TROs before it, this title removes some of the legality issues associated with artwork done outside FASA.


  • Introduction - in-character description of the military powers' attempts to prepare for Truce End
Adept XXI-sigma Merle Jimmus, ComStar (15 July, 3055)


  • It appears the only changes made to this revised edition were the removal of the seven "Unseen" and the subsequent movement of the Jenner IIC from the (deleted) "Inner Sphere Refits" section to the "Second Line 'Mechs" section.