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Technical Readout: 3057

Technical Readout: 3057
DropShips, JumpShips, & WarShips
Product information
Type Technical readout
Development Michael Mulvihill
Primary writing Chris Hartford
Pages 224
Cover artwork Gregory Bridges
Interior artwork Mike Nielsen
Mark Ernst
Illustrations Duane Loose
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 8620
First published 1994
ISBN-10 1555602347
ISBN-13 978-1555602345
MSRP 18.00 US $
Era Clan Invasion era
Agency Explorer Corps
Universe Date 6 January 3057
Series Technical Readouts
Followed by Technical Readout: 3057 Revised


Technical Readout: 3057 differs from the primary line of technical readouts in that its focus was on BattleSpace units, such as DropShips, JumpShips, WarShips, Small Craft, Aerospace Fighters, OmniFighters, and conventional aircraft. Additional rule clarifications and record sheets for BattleSpace were included.

The third print run was marked as "Corrected 3rd Printing" and included a change to the fluff for the Tramp-class JumpShip (omitting the alleged sighting of Clan-owned vessels with 4 docking hardpoints). Note that this technically does not constitute a removal of the quote from Canon.

The book, purporting to be an Explorer Corps document from 3057 by one Dai-i Otanashi Haruka, was reissued in 2004 as Technical Readout: 3057 Revised, a purported workover from Wolfnet in 3067 with an introduction by Margaret Tulliver stating that the 3057 edition, as well as ComStar's earlier FB60 Intelligence Summary, contained numerous errors.
In fact, construction rule changes had required many tweakings or even substantial changes to various units' stats, such as increasing the official mass of the Union by 100 tons.


  • Briefing – "Introduction"
Dai-i Otanashi Haruka (6 January, 3057)
  • BattleSpace Rule Clarifications
  • Size Comparison (scaled images)
  • BattleSpace Tables
    • Sequence of Play
    • Movement Phase
    • Interface
    • Marine Point
    • Turning Cost
    • Range
    • Control Roll Modifier
    • Attack
    • Boarding Action Result
    • Fighter Hits
    • Crew Quality
  • Diagrams
    • Firing Arcs
    • Hit Locations
    • Critical Hit Modifiers


  • Technical Readout: 3057 is an unusual TRO in that it carries no land units. Further it changed the artwork from the earlier Technical Readout: 2750, which did not go over well with some fans. However, it did well enough in sales to allow for the creation of JumpShip and WarShip miniatures.
  • Another unique feature of this TRO is that it contains only BattleSpace statistics for the fighters presented rather than full TRO-style entries. New artwork for a handful of fighters appears but the images are not assigned to specific fighters. These images presumably represented the fighters introduced in AeroTech that were not given artwork at the time.
  • The WarShip prominently shown on the cover, is a Leviathan-class Dreadnought, a ship class that was not actually described within the book. It was first described in Technical Readout: 3067. As of 3057, only two such ships were under construction, the Leviathan (Leviathan) and the Great Bear. A photo of a miniature of the latter in Aerotech 2 Revised showcasing its canonical paint scheme depicts the Ghost Bear logo on a red field. Since such a red field is absent on the vessel depicted on the book's cover, it is presumably the Leviathan.