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Seven years following the release of the previous new award, the Final Four are now released. These Admin-level awards can be nominated by any Editor to any Admin for review. Please check out the new Diligence, Leadership, Tireless Contributor, and WikiProject awards (plus, all of the others) and identify the Editors that match best. And, as always, thank you for your improvements to Sarna.
With the refresh of the awards images underway, a new Edit Count award--to commemorate Sarna's own Devlin Stone, Editor Doneve--has been released. Once you reach 91,296 edits, you may choose from one of two versions of the Doneve Device. The first version has his edit-weary bird icon, while the second has his callsign printed over the Edit Count ribbon in classic BattleTech font. Once Doneve returns, the required count will increase to continue to match his. Take the opportunity now to earn this award!
Kudos to all contributors who are currently datamining the HBS BattleTech game and creating articles. However, a word of caution and a reminder: Please respect copyright, and refrain from simply copying & pasting text from the game. Unless you need to cite text verbatim, "fair use" does not apply. As is always pointed out below the edit box, by submitting an edit you declare "that you wrote [it] yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource."