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This article is about the assault-class OmniMech. For the (non-canon) heavy OmniMech from MekTek's MekPak 3, see Studio MekTek, Inc#Tenchi.
Production information
Manufacturer Luthien Armor Works
Production Year 3101[1]
Model TN-10-O
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere OmniMech
Mass 95 tons
Chassis Luthien Class 105A
Armor Mitchel Argon Standard
Engine Hermes 285 Light
Communications System Sipher Clarion
Targeting Tracking System Matabushi Tenbatsu
Heat Sinks 11 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 54 km/h
Jump Jets None

Primary Configuration

BV (2.0) 2,542[2][3]


The Tenshi, ("Angel" in japanese), is an Assault Class OmniMech, which was manufactured during the early thirty-second century for the Draconis Combine's armed forces. A product of House Kurita's hidden efforts to rebuild its decimated 'Mech regiments, the Tenshi was designed to use resources found within the Combine.

The Tenshi was first deployed among the ranks of the Ghost Regiments in the early 3100s, its deployment with a less-renowned brigade was part of the DCMS' two-fold effort of testing the 'Mech while also providing a fire-wall to save face should the design prove to be a failure in combat. One of its first deployments was in 3103, when the 1st Ghost conducted a raid on the Ghost Bear Dominion world of Grumium. The eight Tenshis among the Ghosts' ranks performed well, with most of their numbers returning to the Combine with stolen Clan technology.[2]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Among the Tenshi's design features is its durability and having a heavy equipment payload. The designers saw fit to equip the 'Mech with a Compact Gyro and 18.5 tons of Standard Armor. The Tenshi also uses a number of new technologies that had finally entered production in the decades preceding the Jihad. The use of an Endo-Composite internal structure and a Light Fusion Engine granted the design a huge pod capacity of 48 tons. However, this large capacity had come at a price; that price being a slightly lower maximum speed than other comparable designs of the era.

The Tenshi's Primary configuration is equipped mainly with standard technologies that allow the 'Mech to engage an enemy unit at long-range. Its main weapon is an arm-mounted Gauss Rifle which is fed with 3 tons of ammunition. Its other set of long range weaponry consists five Light Particle Projection Cannons, all of which are fitted into the 'Mech's right arm. For a last resort, the 'Mech sports a pair of 10-tubed Rocket Launchers, with one placed in each of its legs. All of the energy weapons are tied to a Targeting Computer for greater accuracy. Among other equipment found in this configuration is a Guardian ECM, providing an electronic screen against enemy attacks, while a Supercharger is fitted into the center torso to help temporarily increase ground speed.[2]

Alternate ConfigurationsEdit

The Tenshi's alternate configurations use a variety of Advanced and Mixed technologies.

  • Alt Config A 
    The A configuration's principle firepower comes from three Large Variable Speed Pulse Lasers, one mounted in each of the arms and in the center torso. Backing up the lasers is a single Apollo FCS-guided 30-tubed Medium-Range Missile Launcher with two tons of CASE II-protected ammunition. To help manage the great amounts of heat generated by the weapons, five additional Double Heat Sinks are added as well as a Coolant Pod. BV (2.0) = 1,830[2][4]
  • Alt Config B 
    Designed to severely cripple or destroy an enemy, the B configuration is equipped with two TSEMP Cannons found in each of its arms. Its other weapons and equipment include: A single right torso-mounted Heavy PPC, a pair of arm-mounted Streak 6-tubed SRM Launchers, and a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers. Three Jump Jets help the 'Mech travel difficult terrain, while five Double Heat Sinks keep heat levels fairly manageable. BV (2.0) = 3,002[2][5]
  • Alt Config R 
    This configuration utilizes a mix of Inner Sphere and Clan Technologies. The R configuration's long-range firepower comes from a pair of side-torso mounted 20-Tubed Extended Long-Range Missile Launchers with six tons of ammunition. Other weapons include five Clan Tech ER Medium Lasers found in the arms and in the center torso. A single Double Heat Sink is added to help manage heat. BV (2.0) = 2,237[2][6]


Design QuicksEdit

The Tenshi is subject to the following Design Quirks:[2]


The Tenshi's A Configuration was originally rated as a Advanced Technology Configuration when it was originally published in TRO: 3145 Draconis Combine, however errata posted on Catalyst Game Lab's official errata board made correction due to the weapon system not being Advanced in the era/time it was in general use.[7]


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