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The 48th

The 48th
Unit Profile (as of 3071)
CO Major Namihito
JumpShips Unknown
DropShips Yes[1]
Aerospace No
Armor No
Infantry No


The 48th are a mysterious mercenary unit that appeared operating in the Chaos March during the latter months of 3060. This unit has since then been confirmed to be the remains of the 5th Amphigean Light Assault Group, which were destroyed by Clan Ghost Bear on Krenice during the 5th Wave of their Invasion[2]

Civil War EraEdit

In 3062, The 48th along with Kingston's Killers were hired to take part in a small conflict on the side of Palatine of Duvic faction against the County Shu faction. This conflict would find the Kingston's Killers to be all but destroyed and the Palatine of Duvic faction found guilty of conspiring with the Word of Blake against the planetary government.[1] The 48th were reported to be cleared of all wrongdoings by the local authorities when evidence of their employers’ corruption came to light.[2]

Jihad EraEdit

During the Jihad, The 48th finally moved away from the worlds of the former Chaos March, and established on Galatea, though still continuing to refuse to be registered with the MRBC. Accepting few missions, and being wary of the Word of Blake's operations in their former place of operations. It is reported that the unit is considering bounty hunting as an effort to allow for them to keep fed and financially viable, but also allowing them to practice their unique style of Bushido.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of The 48th
Major Michio Namihito 3061 - 3067[2]


Due to The 48th being almost entirely comprised of light ’Mechs of Combine manufacture from 3050 and onward. They are known for speed and deploy themselves in smaller formations of one or two lances to maximize their overall mobility. They also have an arsenal of Clan weaponry (of unknown origin), to make up for any shortcomings they may have. Additionally The 48th’s strategies are often balanced with their member's sense of honor with the letter of their contracts. It was because of this they were cleared of all wrongdoings by the local authorities on Epsilon Eridani, when evidence of their employers’ corruption came to light.[2]

Dragoon RatingsEdit


Dragoon Rating: B[2]

Composition HistoryEdit



Game RulesEdit

When rolling to randomly determine the composition of a 48th force, modify the weight class roll by –2 and resolve specific models using the Draconis Combine Random Assignment Tables from either Field Manual: Updates or BMR. Furthermore, the 48th’s controlling player may reflect the command’s preference for doing more with fewer forces by applying a +1 bonus to initiative rolls for every full lance the 48th fields below one company.[3]


  • The unit's name is rumored to be based on Namihito’s Panther being designated with the unit number “48” on the 5th Amphigean's rolls at the time of their destruction.[2]


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