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The Efficiency of Rome

The Efficiency of Rome
Story information
Author Steven Mohan Jr.
Pages 4
Type Short Story
Product Tactical Operations
Illustrations Civil War era
Timeline 3063

The Efficiency of Rome, by Steven Mohan Jr., is a short story embedded in Tactical Operations handbook.


The story describes the final days of the Illyrian Palatinate viewed from the point of view of General Julius O'Reilly, the attacker, and Captain Eric Larsson from the Arms of Thor mercenary unit, on the defenders' side.

The story describes how Julius O'Reilly (who compares himself with Julius Caesar, the Roman general) tries to win the war quickly and then goes on to make war against his father. He discovers how to win the war – through bribery to Cavanaugh's Cavalry – from Eric Larsson and is able to win with that ace in his hand. He is also finally able to enlist Eric Larsson to help him depose his father.

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