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The Immortal Warrior at the Battle of Vorhaven

The Immortal Warrior at the Battle of Vorhaven
Product information
Type Short story
Author Kevin Killiany
Pages 8
Interior artwork Chris Lewis
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 31 July 2004
Era Civil War era
Timeline 2 November-ca. 2 December 3062

The Immortal Warrior at the Battle of Vorhaven is a story by Kevin Killiany that was published online on BattleCorps. It was later also published in print in the first BattleCorps anthology, The Corps.

The story ties into Loren Coleman's novel Flashpoint, narrating the attack on the McCarthy farm that occurs off-screen in the novel on or just before 2 December 3062.

Teaser textEdit

The Immortal Warrior series is well known to billions of silver tridscreen viewers across the Inner Sphere. New author Kevin Killiany brings us a tale fit for just such a legend...or the beginnings of a new one.

Plot summaryEdit

Jessie, a little girl living near the city of Vorhaven on Kathil, likes to impersonate the Immortal Warrior in a game of pretend. Roughly a month after Halloween 3062, during the FedCom Civil War, real enemy BattleMechs appear at the family estate. Jessie, not comprehending the real danger, "rescues" her brother Billy from an outlying tree, next to which an enemy 'Mech has taken up position. Luckily, the 'Mech at the tree does not shoot at the children as they run back to the house and another one that does shoot misses them. In the underground storm shelter, Jessie pulls herself to attention and reports to her grandfather, "Mission accomplished, sir."

Featured placesEdit

Featured BattleTechEdit

  • Lynx
  • Quickdraw
  • unidentified 'Mech; "lower and wider than the Quickdraw" and looking "like a giant crab or bird"; the novel context suggests it was the Falconer that was reported to have leveled the farm buildings in the novel