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The Inheritance of Duty

The Inheritance of Duty
Product information
Type Short story
Author Michael A. Stackpole
Pages 5
Publication information
Publisher Wizkids
First published
MSRP n/a
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 19 August 3132

This MechWarrior: Dark Age short story was first published through Wizkids' website to promote the Dark Age setting and game line.

Plot summaryEdit

On Fortymile, eighteen year old Jeremy Lee is preparing an AgroMech with a welding torch (apparently in a fashion to weaponize it) because of an upcoming crisis linked to the Blackout that had happened less than two weeks before when he is interrupted by his mother. Instead of the expected dressing-down, however, Jeremy receives a lecture by his mother about the Jihad and Devlin Stone.

Jeremy's grandmother on his father's side, who died when he was five years old, had bequeathed some sort of responsibility to Jeremy's mother that she now turns over to Jeremy, having decided the time is right. Jeremy is led by his mother to the "haunted silo" and accesses it for the first time. Inside, he finds a black Victor with a skeletal paint scheme. It turns out that Jeremy's "Grandma Lee" was none other than Colonel Belle Lee of Stone's Lament.

External LinksEdit

The short story can be found in its entirety on this archived page of the WizKids site.