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Third Battle of Mallory's World

Third Battle of Mallory's World
Part of The Third Succession War
Start Date 3013[1]
Planet Mallory's World
Draconis Combine
Federated Suns
Commanders and leaders
Yorinaga Kurita Ian Davion
Eugene Drivers
Forces involved
Second Sword of Light Seventeenth Avalon Hussars
Fourth Davion Guards
First Robinson Rangers
Seventh Crucis Lancers[2]
Kell Hounds

In 3013 the Third Battle of Mallory's World took place. Coordinator Takashi ordered the Warlord of Dieron to seize the planet's agricultural resources. The Second Sword of Light along with two other BattleMech regiments and ten non-Mech regiments assaulted the planet. Three months of intense fighting and scorched earth tactics resulted in the planet being freed from the invaders, but at a high cost for the Federated Suns. The First Prince Ian Davion was slain while leading the planetary defenders.[3]


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