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Titan Yards

Titan Yards
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Terra
Primary Products DropShips


The massive Titan Shipyards are a relic of the Star League, but their advanced age should not mislead one to believe them decrepit. On the contrary, the shipyards at Titan have been undergoing major renovations. For now, they are being used to refit numerous dropships and jumpships purchased throughout the Inner Sphere by the Word of Blake, but they are more than capable of producing even larger and more powerful Warships than the destroyers and frigates already being constructed there.

The majority stakeholder of the Titan Shipyards is O'Neil Yards.[1]


The Titan Yards facilities include[2]

  • Warwick Station, a Bastion-class space defense station
  • One Large Unpressurized Yard
  • One Large Pressurized Yard
  • Three Small Unpressurized Yards
  • Two Small Pressurized Yards
  • Two Large Factories
  • Two Small Habitats


Titan Yards has a manufacturing center on the following planets:


Components produced on Terra:[3]
Component Type
Triumph-class Troop Carrier DropShip
Suffren-class Destroyer WarShips
Dante-class Frigate[3] WarShips
CS Kilo-Theta Interplanetary Drive - Dropships - Triumph
Fleur de Lis 90k Compact K-F Drive - Combat Jumpships - Suffren
Alpha-Omega 7625 Kearny-Fuchida Drive - Dante[3]
LF Battery Lithium-Fusion Battery - Suffren


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