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Titus Clay

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Titus Clay
Died 2767
Affiliation Star League
Planetary Governor of New Dallas

Titus Clay (b. ???? - d. 2767) was a member of the Star League Defense Force who retired to the world of New Dallas and was ultimately elected to the position of Planetary Governor.[1]


Clay reached the rank of General in the Star League Defense Force before retiring; during the time in which he served as Planetary Governor he was a vocal critic of what he saw as the spreading of toadies across the Terran Hegemony under the auspices of First Lord Richard Cameron II. In this, Clay reflected the attitudes of the local population, matching their inherent suspicion of the Rim Worlds Republic units that Cameron ordered be placed on New Dallas.[1]

When Clay initially received news of the Rim Worlds Army deployment he reacted by mobilizing the substantial New Dallas volunteer militia, already a strong militia, and assigning them responsibility for all three of the Castles Brian on New Dallas as well as a number of other SLDF bases and facilities. Clay's mobilization of the militia prompted the senior SLDF officer on New Dallas, Major General Carlos Kataga, to call on the reserve members of the SLDF on New Dallas to step up and voluntarily take on additional duties and responsibilities, a call the majority of whom responded to positively. With these measures in place, both Clay and Kataga reported that there was no need for any additional forces to be deployed to New Dallas, as the situation was considered to be in hand.[1]

Despite the protests made by Clay and Kataga, General Viktoria Benboudaoud arrived on New Dallas at the head of a contingent of Rim Worlds forces and presented Kataga with orders signed by General Aleksandr Kerensky which dictated that the Republican forces should take up station within the New Dallas Castles Brian. Both Clay and Kataga received these orders with outright laughter, and directed that only small areas of the most outlying bases would be assigned for use by the Republicans.[1]

When Benboudaoud protested, Clay had her escorted from his office under armed guard, revoked the landing clearances issued to the Republican forces and detained Benboudaoud's DropShip. Benboudaoud protested to the senior Rim Worlds military office in the Hegemony, General Patrick Scoffins, and to Stefan Amaris, but neither was willing to force the issue and the Republican forces were consigned to their minor outstations.[1]

As the Republicans implemented the various early stages of Operation APOTHEOSIS, Amaris' planned coup of the Hegemony, the authorities on New Dallas stymied the vast majority of the Republican efforts, preventing them from gaining the foothold that Republican forces were busy carving on most other worlds within the Hegemony. The swift actions of the New Dallas authorities in response to engineered terrorist incidents came close to unraveling APOTHEOSIS and discovering the true source of the terrorist actions occurring in the name of the Periphery. When the Republicans launched the active stage of APOTHEOSIS on the 27th of December 2766 their initial efforts were completely shut down by the New Dallas military and authorities, at which point Clay declared a state of emergency in anticipation of Republican reprisals.[1]

When those Republican reprisals arrived, it was in the form of a thirty-ship strong WarShip flotilla led by Republican Admiral Otto Idowu; the New Dallas Space Defense System had managed to defeat the first WarShip forces sent against New Dallas, but the Republicans had gained control of both jump points and the SDS facilities there. Idowu's forces used the captured SDS drones and their own ships to destroy the remaining SDS drones controlled from New Dallas before serving Clay and the planet's defenders with a twenty-four hour deadline to surrender to the rule of Emperor Stefan Amaris.[1]

Clay responded to the threat by ordering the New Dallas AeroSpace Fighter forces to engage the Republican black water fleet; the New Dallas forces couldn't hope to defeat the greater numbers and firepower of the Republican forces, but they did buy New Dallas several hours. Idowu waited until the fighter squadrons had been destroyed before beginning a protracted orbital bombardment of New Dallas that targeted the various military bases on the planet's surface, a sustained bombardment that lasted from the 14th to the 31st of January and effectively destroyed organized military resistance on New Dallas.[1]

Additional Republican ground forces then landed and occupied New Dallas, bringing the world into the Amaris Empire; despite the occupation, resistance movements on New Dallas made the planet a hotbed of resistance activity; this activity became even more pronounced after the Republicans captured Clay and publicly executed him following a mock trial.[1]


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