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Unseen: A History of FASA, Battledroids and BattleTech

Emblem-important.svg Not Canon!
The subject of this article does not contribute canonical content to the BattleTech universe, either because it is not intended to or because it is not an official product.
See the article's section on Canonicity for details.

Unseen: A History of FASA, Battledroids and BattleTech
Product information
Type Franchise treatise (Ebook)
Development Michael "Sigil" Todd
Primary writing Michael "Sigil" Todd
Pages 205
Cover artwork Florian "SpOoKy777" Mellies (front), Alan Gutierrez (inside front and back)
Interior artwork (various)
Publication information
Publisher (Fan work)
Product code n/a
First published 2017
MSRP n/a

Unseen: A History of FASA, Battledroids and BattleTech is a fan-made real-world treatise covering FASA, the BattleTech franchise, and the Unseen lawsuits. It was published in PDF format for free download (see External Links below).

Written by Michael "Sigil" Todd, who previously already authored the Technical Readout: 3028 fan product and other publications, the ebook contains substantial original research by the author who, according to himself, conducted interviews with Sam Lewis and Robert N. Charrette in the process of gathering information for this book.


The concept of Canon is arguably not applicable to the book, as it is not written as a contribution to the BattleTech universe but instead is a work about BattleTech. Its Technical Readout section is likewise primarily concerned with the real-world publication history of the designs in question.

In any case, the work is neither in a position to nor is it intended to contribute new or additional content to BattleTech canon.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • FASA Corporation and Intellectual Properties
  • FASA Related Companies and Acquisitions
  • Battledroids
    • Other Early U.S. Robot-based Games
    • Battledroids Box Set
    • Notable Rules in Battledroids
    • Original Battledroids Setting
  • BattleTech: Second Edition Box Set
    • Notable Rules in BattleTech: Second Edition
  • CityTech Box Set
  • AeroTech Box Set
  • FASA BattleTech Novels
  • Japanese Science Fiction Anime and the TCI Plastic Models
  • Ral Partha and Early Battledroids and BattleTech Metal Miniatures
  • Legal Issues and the "Unseen"
  • Comparison of Original Japanese Art with BattleTech Art
  • Technical Readout: Battledroids, Early BattleTech, and the “Unseen”
    • ARC-3R Archer
    • BTX-7K BattleAx
    • BTM-6R Battlemaster
    • BHN-7H Behemoth
    • SAM-R2 Behemoth II
    • ARC-4R Bombardier
    • CST-3S Cestus
    • XBW-9J Crossbow
    • CRD-3R Crusader
    • FLC-4N Falcon
    • FIR-7B Fire Bee
    • FLE-15 Flea
    • GLD-3R Gladiator
    • GRF-1N Griffin
    • GRF-2N Super Griffin
    • HRN-7T Hornet
    • HBK-4G Hunchback
    • LCS-2T Locust
    • LGB-8C Longbow
    • MCK-5S Mackie
    • MAD-3R Marauder
    • OSR-2C Ostroc
    • OTT-7J Ostscout
    • OTL-4D Ostsol
    • PXH-1K Phoenix Hawk
    • PXH-HK2 Phoenix Hawk LAM
    • RFL-3N Rifleman
    • SHD-2H Shadow Hawk
    • SPI-5R Spider
    • STK-3F Stalker
    • STG-3R Stinger
    • STG-A5 Stinger LAM
    • TND-4T Thunderbolt
    • VLC-6N Vulcan
    • WHM-6R Warhammer
    • WSP-1A Wasp
    • WSP-105 Wasp LAM
    • WSP-2A Super Wasp
    • WLV-4E Wolverine
    • HNT-3R Hunter Light Support Tank
    • VDE-3T Vedette Medium Tank
    • DVE-1A Demolisher Heavy Tank
    • STK-1B Striker Light Tank
    • PGS-2A Pegasus Scout Hovertank
    • Jeep/GunTruck
    • APC/IFV
    • Hoverscout/HWVC
    • HVT
  • Notes Regarding Battledroid/BattleTech Game Statistics
  • Appendix

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