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Joined 6 February 2007

About MeEdit

I am not sure what came first for me, MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat Video Game or the BattleTech: The Animated Series, at this point I had no idea how important this universe I had just stumbled across would become. MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries came next and then a gap for a couple of years and then I found Technical Readout: 3050 (2nd edition) in my local games shop. At this point I realized that this universe was a tabletop game for the first time!

I have been knocking around Sarna since about Feb 2007 and even after all that time I am no article writer. I mostly add in small details to existing articles or create stubs that link things together. I am pretty sure some of the admins must have fits for the way I work but it is just how my brain works and there is usually a larger endgame being created in tiny steps.


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What I am currently working onEdit

For 2019 I intent to be a bit more focused on clearing my unfinished projects as some of them I have been slowly chipping away at for a number of years.

Project BattlesEdit

Minor project intent on fleshing out some specifics of the 3rd SSW.

  • Phase 1 - Deconstruct this article Wolf's Dragoons battles.
    • Pending
  • Phase 2 - Extract conflicts from TRO3025.
  • Phase 3 - Extract conflicts from TRO3026.

Project CommandsEdit

Major Project to update the Command article format.

Project Dark AgeEdit

Minor Project to add in more info about the MW:DA minitures game. (Mostly stuff from Warrenborn)

  • Phase 1 - Create articles for all game expansions
    • In progress
  • Phase 2 - Add expansion rosters
  • Phase 3 - Create character articles from various profile cards.

Project HouseEdit

Major Project house is an ongoing project to catalog the noble houses of the Inner Sphere as best I can. BattleTech is space feudalism but we do not actually see a lot of it going on beyond the five main houses. I am interested in the various Dukes, Counts and Barons.

  • Phase 1 - Upgrade all character articles to include Infobox.
    • In progress
  • Phase 2 - Create article for each noble house/notable family.
    • In progress
  • Phase 3 - Create article for each noble title/notable position.
    • In progress
      • Phase 3a - Link known titles into planet articles.
      • Phase 3b - Attempt to link unspecified Counties and Baronies with locations.
      • Phase 3c - Attempt to link title holders across families and states.

Project HBSEdit

Major Project to add in the characters from the HBS game and the linked Novellas.

  • Phase 1 - Add in all characters from Flashpoint.
    • In progress
  • Phase 2 - Re-read novellas and create at least character stubs.

Project LocationsEdit

Adhoc project that aims to add in named planetary locations into planet articles.

  • Phase 1 - Update as I find them.
    • On going

Project productsEdit

Minor project to reorganise the official products article.

  • Phase 1 - merge PDF products into the main list.
    • Complete - (25/5/19)
  • Phase 2 - Look into creating an "upcoming product" tag.

Project WeaponsEdit

Minor Project to tidy up the weapons and equipment pages and detail the various brands/models better.

  • Phase 1 - reformat Models section of all 'Mech weapons.
    • In progress
  • Phase 2 - weapon brand tagging.
    • On going