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Tosta Dojen

Joined 22 July 2020

About meEdit

I'm a long-time BattleTech fan, starting with MechWarrior 2 for the PC and MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries back when online play was facilitated by the Microsoft Gaming Zone, then expanding into the novels, which fill up a shelf in my home office. I fight for Rasalhague.

As an editor I focus on organization, grammar, and style.

Personal projects/to-do listEdit


  • Rewrite Battle of Huntress
  • Tidy up Battle of Trafalgar
  • Work on replacing disambiguation page links with direct links where appropriate
  • Comprehensive review of year pages; update to comply with Policy:Year Pages (Progress: 1938–2150)
    • Replace "Battles" with "Conflicts"
    • One wikilink per line, to an article that substantiates the line in the year page
    • Proper categorization according to category definitions
    • Uniform final punctuation (lines should each end with the appropriate mark)



  • Reorganize and rewrite Task Force Serpent — This article was once the fourth-longest on the site and included an overwhelming level of detail. One month, 86 edits, an article split, and -123,886 bytes later, I'm happy with the result.