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Archive - 2012 - Factions, Project Planets, mapping, SLDF units
Archive - 2013 - Individual Ship work, Project Planets work, mapping, template work
Archive - 2014 - Sources needing updates, sourcebook searches, ships needing articles, new infoboxes
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Again, welcome to Sarna's BattleTechWiki!

*******Be Bold*******

Leftover To-do ListEdit

Ships to Write UpEdit

  • House Davion (The Federated Suns)
    • NAS Hopewell, launched 2293, first home-built freighter christened in New Avalon, built alongside three other ships by Davion-owned plant
    • Jump Courier Jason Hasek
  • Interstellar Operations Beta
    • League-class Talwar, Turk, Tyberium - p. 228-ish
    • Aegis-class Manaslu - p. 228 ish
    • Dropship Vidar Eisenboot - p. 303
  • First Succession War (sourcebook)
    • WarShips
      • DCS Honor of Pesht p. 7
      • Manaslu - Aegis, p. 18
      • Caledonia, Donegal, Furillo - Commonwealths, p. 19
      • Odessa, Porrima - Commonwealths, p. 29
      • Aurelius, Nerva, Vespasian, Vitellius - Makos, p. 19
      • Talwar, Turk, Tyberium - Leagues, p. 19
      • Francisco - Vincent, p. 29
      • Midale - New Syrtis, p. 38
      • Reynard Davion, Samuel Davion - Davions, p. 38
      • Firewind - Narukami, p. 38
      • Hagiwawa - Samarkand, p. 38
      • New Ivaarsen - Robinson, p. 39
      • Minekaze, Shiokaze - Lola I, p. 40
      • Liverpool - Carrack, p. 40
      • Robespierre - Vincent, p. 40
      • Duke Henry, Edmund Davion - Davion II, p. 40
      • Omodaka - Narukami II, p. 41
      • Halland, Stockholm - Congress, p. 42
      • Benjamin, An Ting - Samarkand I, p. 42
      • Tsutsuji - Narukami, p. 42
      • Mizuki, Kiaria - Lola, p. 42
      • Novaya Zemlya - New Syrtis, p. 42
      • Sabretooth - Aegis, p. 42
      • Mercury, Neptune - Vincent, p. 42
      • Sahand - Sovetskii Soyuz, p. 42
      • Black Bear p. 43
      • Galedon - Samarkand, p. 46
      • Impregnable, Indomitable - Tharkads, p. 46
      • Bladewind, Star Spirit - Narukami, p. 47
      • Nightwind - Potemkin, p. 47
      • Blue Lotus - Naga, p. 47
      • Coventry - Tharkad, p. 48
      • Gallery, York - Commonwealths, p. 48
      • Radstadt - Samarkand, p. 48
      • Akiko, Maji - Lolas, p. 48
      • Anthemius, Heraclius - Mako, p. 48
      • LCS Ironwood - Aegis, p. 48
      • DCS Jarett, Sawyer - Essex, p. 48
      • Agrippa, Sorunda - Atreus, p. 54
      • Mica Liao - Du Shi Wang, p. 54
      • Solstice - Soyal, p. 54
      • Ospina, Otavalo - League IIs, p. 54
      • Agrippa (again) - Atreus, p. 56
      • Oràn, Ocuri - League II, p. 56
      • Samhain - Vigilant, p. 56
      • Tianjin - Congress, p. 56
      • Ragusa - battleship, p 56
      • Minsck, Warsaw - Lolas, p. 56
      • Zulfiqar - Black Lion, p. 56
      • Ai Di - Essex, p. 56
      • Vladislav - Vincent, p. 56
      • Khalzan - Lola III or Essex, p. 56
      • Kumbha, Mithuna - Soyals, p. 57
      • Chronos - Samarkand, p. 57
      • Kanata, Majestic - Atreus, p. 58
      • Andria, Avellin - Leagues, p. 58
      • Sundermann Liao - Du Shi Wang, p. 60
      • Calseraigne - Essex, p. 60
      • Pleiades - Aegis, p. 60
      • Changsha, Mount Song - Barons, p. 60
      • Vrishabha - Soyal, p. 60
      • Bucharest - Lola III, p. 63
      • Granite, Endeavor - Aegis, p. 63
      • Devastator, Skulker - Soyals, p. 63
      • Rasalas - Cameron, p. 66
      • Hadrian, - Mako, p. 68
      • Potsdam, Ulm - Vincent Mk. 39, p. 68
      • Constantius - Mako, p. 69
      • Histria Azure - Carrack, p. 75
      • Histria Azure (again), Pretoria Castle - Carracks, p. 76
      • Edelweiss - Essex, p. 76
      • Ineffable, Chaffee - Tharkads, p. 78
      • Despiser - Essex, p. 79
      • Duncan Liao - Du Shi Wang, p. 83-84
      • Bismarck - Atreus, p. 85
      • Karka, Makara - Soyals, p. 85
      • Starlight Raider - Congress-D, p. 94
      • New Samarkand - Samarkand II, p. 94
      • Shōwakusei - Narukami II, p. 94
      • Duke Alexander, Sarah Davion - Davion II, p. 95
      • Marlette - Robinson, p. 96
      • Eos - Aegis, p. 96
      • Parin - Concordat, p. 101
    • JumpShips
      • Lucian Bell p. 18
      • Michael Rose - Monolith, p. 46
  • Touring the Stars: McEvedy's Folly
    • Galapagos - "terraforming vessel"

Lance PacksEdit

Box Set / Lance Pack

COM-2D Commando
SDR-5V Spider      * Recon
JR7-D Jenner       * Pursuit
PNT-9R Panther     * Striker
ASN-21 Assassin
CDA-2A Cicada      * Recon
CLNT-2-3T Clint    * Pursuit
HER-2S Hermes II
WTH-1 Whitworth
VND-1R Vindicator  * Support
ENF-4R Enforcer
HBK-4G Hunchback
TBT-5N Trebuchet   * Fire
DV-6M Dervish      * Fire
DRG-1N Dragon      * Striker
QKD-4G Quickdraw   * Striker
CPLT-C1 Catapult   * Command
JM6-S JagerMech
GHR-5H Grasshopper * Assault
AWS-8Q Awesome     * Support
ZEU-6S Zeus        * Battle
CP-10-Z Cyclops    * Command
BNC-3E Banshee     * Battle
AS7-D Atlas        * Assault

Lance Pack Only

Blackjack          * Assault
Victor             * Assault
Centurion          * Pursuit
Wolfhound          * Pursuit
Charger            * Support
Firestarter        * Support
Hatchetman         * Battle
Orion              * Battle
Flea               * Recon
Vulcan             * Recon
Cataphract         * Command
Raven              * Command
Shogun             * Fire
Stalker            * Fire
Guillotine         * Striker

Box Set Only

Hermes II

"Type" in WarShip Article InfoboxesEdit

Hi BM, I noticed that you put "battlecruiser", "destroyer" and the like into the Type field of the WarShip infobox in your recent articles. While not technically wrong, it still surprised me as we previously simply put "WarShip" there (which is the type opposing JumpShips, DropShips, Small Craft and Space Stations). Given how arbitrary the WarShip classifications are to begin with, I feel a bit uncomfortable with using them in the infobox.

Also, I think you're working from an outdated template article that doesn't have the infoboxes' "servicesince" & "serviceuntil" fields. Whenever a ship is mentioned to have been destroyed or scuttled, feel free to use the "serviceuntil" field in the infobox to indicate when it was put out of service one way or another. Frabby (talk) 12:15, 24 January 2018 (EST)

Hi Frabby,
This is me making a mistake while tired, I'm afraid. I went on a fairly rambling update cycle after checking the update needed tags, seeing that the Atreus-class battleship article had a notice, and starting to work on the individual WarShips. One of them didn't have a class named, and at some point between that article and the next, when I was adding each new one I started changing WarShip to the class type.
You're right about the template being outdated - I grabbed it from an existing article, and didn't spot just how out of date it was. I think I've fixed all the articles I'd written, though. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 05:53, 25 January 2018 (EST)

Vandal Cop ReloadedEdit

BrokenMnemonic, I see that you've taken some serious steps in the past day and week to handle spambots. Thanks! Please add this   to your awards board.--Mbear(talk) 06:45, 6 February 2018 (EST)

Thank you - sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I've been ill for the last week or so. Frabby's doing most of the heavy lifting on spammers these days, but there seem to be a few hours in the morning most days where I'm the only mod around and the spammers decide to try and be cheeky... BrokenMnemonic (talk) 03:04, 12 February 2018 (EST)


Hi, I just noticed you hit the 30,000 edits mark. If that doesn't deserve a   then I'm not sure what does. Only a few more to catch Doneve   - Dark Jaguar (talk) 14:47, 30 March 2018 (EDT) I'm not sure anyone will ever catch up with Doneve, but I'm cool with that   Thank you for the award - I seem to have slowed down since my job changed in April, but I plan to keep plugging away. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 16:12, 23 April 2018 (EDT)

Civil WarEdit

Archer      - 2458 / 2474
Banshee     - 2445
Battleaxe   - 2459
Bellerophon - 2442
Commando    - 2486
Crossbow    - 2468 / 2481
Dervish     - 2520
Firebee     - 2483
Flea        - 2475
Gladiator   - 2468 / 2495
Griffin     - 2492
Guillotine  - 2499
Hammerhands - 2475
Hector      - 2460
Icarus II   - 2518
Koschei     - 2504
Kyudo       - 2443
Locust      - 2499
Longbow     - 2480
Mackie      - 2439
Orion       - 2456
Ostroc      - 2511
Ostwar      - 2470 / 2500
Phoenix     - 2474 / 2520
Swordsman   - 2463
Talos       - 2532
Thorn       - 2490
Thunderbolt - 2491
Von Rohrs   - 2487
Warhammer   - 2515
Wasp        - 2464
Ymir        - 2462


Okay, I give up. What does OHU stand for? Frabby (talk) 08:20, 9 May 2018 (EDT)

It's an abbreviation of "Owner history update" because I got tired of writing that for dozens of entries in a row. I'm alternating chuntering through doing complete article updates and updating the owner histories to reflect the maps in First Succession War and Second Succession War to make doing the full article updates a little faster. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 08:46, 9 May 2018 (EDT)

Abuse FilterEdit

Thank you much, especially with adding URLs. I was hoping someone would figure it out too, but I knew any directions I wrote would probably just complicate it. --Revanche (talk|contribs) 11:48, 21 May 2018 (EDT)

I had no idea the filters existed, but now I know they do, I'll try and keep updating them when I end up deleting spammers - I doubt we'll ever get ahead of the majority of them, but it seems a worthy fight! BrokenMnemonic (talk) 02:39, 22 May 2018 (EDT)
I've written Nic, asking him to check on the external links to new user pages (filter #3), as it does not appear to be working (only hit was an internal link). If we get that working, we'll be golden (for a while), as all spam getting thru the last few days has been on those pages.--Revanche (talk|contribs) 07:50, 22 May 2018 (EDT)


BM, as of this Wednesday, I'll be unavailable until the 8th of June (at least). Would you stay on top of filter #18? Also of note: when you're in the Abuse Log, clicking on an entry's "details" and scrolling to the bottom will provide you the perp's IP address, even if it's already been merged with Anonymous. That'll be a great way to block the IP, rather than just the throwaway account.

As an aside: I've reached out to Nic to talk to him about the filters, but don't know if that will happen before I travel.--Revanche (talk|contribs) 09:46, 29 May 2018 (EDT)

Hi Rev,
I'll do my best - the convention I help run each year is in two weeks time though, so I'm not going to be online as much as I'd hope (and haven't been on Sarna as much over the last couple of weeks as I should've been) so I'll not be as on-top of things as I'd like. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 02:38, 30 May 2018 (EDT)
Understood; no problem. I'm sure Frabby will nuke 'em from orbit. Enjoy all the macrame artists!!--Revanche (talk|contribs) 09:14, 30 May 2018 (EDT)

Front page newsEdit

Hey BM, last month I gave Frabby a poke about updating the front page with news of the new releases and you ebded up doing it, so you fancy doing the same again?--Dmon (talk) 03:41, 12 September 2018 (EDT)

Happy to! It might take me a little while as work's manic at the moment, but I'll get it done soonest. I also want to work up a Spotlight On series page, in the same fashion as the Touring the Stars page... BrokenMnemonic (talk) 04:09, 12 September 2018 (EDT)
Could You do the honors for us please regarding Spotlight On: Unending Faith and Touring the Stars: Regis Roost --Dmon (talk) 04:46, 27 October 2018 (EDT)
Done and done. As we've got a dozen or so digital releases due between now and Christmas, I might simply add new ones to the most recent announcement, to avoid turning the page over too quickly...
That makes sense, as new products become a regular thing again maybe something like a monthly combined New Release / Moratorium expiration post might be worth while.--Dmon (talk) 06:10, 29 October 2018 (EDT)

Draft Request: Union of Samoyedic ColoniesEdit

BLUF: Could I get you to start an article for the Union of Samoyedic Colonies?

Operation Doneve is progressing nicely. We should have only one more system audit to run, to ensure all relevant articles have been identified and have the requisite templates in place for the various scripts to recognize and update. One item stands out: the Union of Samoyedic Colonies, which does not yet exist. The project is not hindered by the lack of the article, but it is a line of unfinished business, as we proceed into the development phases. I'm afraid it will drop off the radar completely, if left to me.

Would you be willing to take an opening crack at it? The issue is that there is so much information on the Union (Interstellar Players 3, pp. 50, 54-58), that I cannot take the time out of other areas of focus to give it a good first draft. I could easily create a nearly empty template of a page, with the coordinates (-896.324, 34.810), but that's just too much of a stub for something that deserves a better first look for any reader visiting the page.

If now's not the right time, please let me know. I also apologize for putting you on the spot; this isn't how wiki collaborations are supposed to work.--Revanche (talk|contribs) 11:23, 17 September 2018 (EDT)

Yo da man, BrokenMnemonic. Thanks a bunch! That is an informative article.--Revanche (talk|contribs) 06:21, 18 September 2018 (EDT)
No problem - most of the people in my area are away at an industry event, so I managed to grab a couple of quiet hours to work on Sarna. I added two other new planet articles as well, but I didn't have time to write up an article on the Union as a faction, unfortunately. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 16:30, 18 September 2018 (EDT)
Getting paid to Sarna; you're living the dream, mate.--Revanche (talk|contribs) 17:59, 18 September 2018 (EDT)


Hey BM, just want to express am appreciation for the huge amount of dog work you do around here. Specifically all your recent work sorting out all the images.   --Dmon (talk) 05:27, 19 October 2018 (EDT)

Thank you   I'm heading into a slower month in November, while I work on NaNoWriMo, but I'm determined to get the uncategorised images down to below a thousand, and to get the uncategorised pages down to soemthing resembling a sensible number. I may regret those decisions in the future, obviously... BrokenMnemonic (talk) 08:20, 27 October 2018 (EDT)

Categories for transcriptsEdit

Umm. I don't quite understand why we've installed transcript categories for individual games, given that these "categories" are really finite lists with a defined content that's not going to change? Category talk:Media Transcripts#Why Categories? Frabby (talk) 06:38, 24 November 2018 (EST)

Two main reasons; first, it helps people browsing find them quickly and easily by going through the categories, and because it takes them out of the massive morass of thousands of files that currently sit in the "pages with no category" category. Someone who finds one of the pages or looks them up can use the category to easily navigate to all of the other transcripts, if they're so inclined. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 13:45, 24 November 2018 (EST)


BrokenMnemonic, do you have access to the OD forum?--Revanche (talk|contribs) 10:37, 8 February 2019 (EST)

Adding Image Summary TemplatesEdit

Hi BrokenMnemonic, I am adding Template:Image_summary to all images that I can in accordance with Policy:Images, and any help is appreciated. Since you've been adding categories to a lot of the CCG images, could I ask you to add the template as well? If you add it and the information is unknown, leave the line blank. The image then shows up in the Images Missing Copyright Information category and someone else may be able to add the info. If the image does not have the template, it will not appear in the category, and is more difficult to find. A blank template is better than no template, but obviously the more information you have time to add the better. Pserratv and I have been using the same basic format for the cards, just changing the Mech name, artist name (in the template and then the category), name of the card set, and (if appropriate) change BattleMech to OmniMech. File:Albatross_ALB-3U_CCG_Mercenaries.jpg or File:Daishi_S_(Dire_Wolf)_CCG_Arsenal.jpg. Thank you! --Cache (talk) 18:54, 19 March 2019 (EDT)

Star League commands orderEdit

Hi BrokenMnemonic,

I've seen that the Star League commands order is different from the rest. Units assigned in sub-level commands do appear also in the root (something that does not happen in other Military Commands Categories. Am I right if I consider this Category incorrectly done?

I also think there are categories missing that should help reorganize this a bit better? The level of sub commands can be huge, and I do not even know which is the best way to order them.

I tried to make this a general query, but have no idea on how to do it.--Pserratv (talk) 10:31, 18 July 2019 (EDT)

FWIW, I provided an answer on my talk page.--Mbear(talk) 09:21, 19 July 2019 (EDT)
I'm sorry I wasn't around to answer this - I've not been able to log in much lately, unfortunately. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 16:10, 22 July 2019 (EDT)

Proposed Organization of the Star League Forces (final)Edit

I've created and explained a proposal here: Category talk:Star League Defense Force Commands, could you review and share your insights?--Pserratv (talk) 08:55, 7 August 2019 (EDT)

Kickstarter, Event articles and Event categoryEdit

Hi BM, let's continue our work on this over at my talk page. Frabby (talk) 08:20, 4 November 2019 (EST)

Jaqueline TokawaEdit

Just had a look at your Jaqueline Tokawa and want to present to you a good article award   as a way to show my appreciation for this shining example of what a minor character article should be.

P.S. I have updated your awards board.--Dmon (talk) 05:19, 6 February 2020 (EST)

Thank you   I've not had much free time for anything lately, but I discovered I have a copy of TRO:3058U in my email account at work, so I decided to see if I could do some small edits - don't tell my boss that, though... BrokenMnemonic (talk) 03:28, 7 February 2020 (EST)
Secret is safe with my  --Dmon (talk) 06:08, 7 February 2020 (EST)

Double RedirectsEdit

Hi BrokenMnemonic, I've been working with the Special:DoubleRedirects to get rid of them. All the ones that are not user based are corrected. But there is one related to your user: User:BrokenMnemonic/Clan Invasion Kickstarter 2019 (edit) →‎ Clan Invasion Kickstarter 2019 →‎ 2019 Clan Invasion crowdfunding campaign

And I would never dare to change a personal page. Can you do it?--Pserratv (talk) 11:13, 11 March 2020 (EDT)

Sorted. This was the KS page getting moved around while User:Frabby and I wrangled over names   BrokenMnemonic (talk) 15:42, 11 March 2020 (EDT)
I imagined it was something like this. Thanks!--Pserratv (talk) 04:22, 12 March 2020 (EDT)

InfoBox updateEdit

Hey BM,

After our conversation a couple of weeks ago I have updated the Character infobox to include rank and title in order to add flexability. I have no intention of going through all the character articles to update them, but for the future if you could include the new box in newly created/updated aticles it would be good.--Dmon (talk) 08:12, 16 April 2020 (EDT)

Willdo, thank you. BrokenMnemonic (talk) 12:37, 18 April 2020 (EDT)
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