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This article is about the aerospace fighter design. For the 'Mech design, see Vandal (BattleMech).
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Production Year 2941[1]
Model Prime
Class Light
Tech Base Clan
Technical specifications
Mass 30
Structural Integrity 14
Frame Pattern 67
Power Plant 360 XL Engine
Fuel 240

Primary Configuration

Communications System SL Interlink 5
Tracking & Targeting System Gatekeeper Model 5
Heat Sinks 10 Double Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) 564[2][3][4]
BV (2.0) 525[5][6]


The most maneuverable OmniFighter in service with the Clans, the Vandal is also the least versatile. Rare in front line service outside of Freebirth and tainted pilots, all the Clans maintain a few Vandals for high-speed reconnaissance missions, and the current conflict with the states of the Inner Sphere has led to the use of a number of Vandals for high-speed strikes.[3][7][8]

The reason for the disdain is the relatively tiny 3 tons of available pod space, the use of an XL Engine and Tokasha Foundry Series 9 Ferro-Aluminum armor devoting weight to speed and limiting its offensive combat ability.[3][7][8]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The primary Vandal configuration is a high-speed reconnaissance vehicle, carrying a Beagle Active Probe with a pair of ER Small Lasers to give the pilot something to defend themselves with. The primary Vandal also carries an extra ton of fuel, which gives it the best endurance of any of the variants.[3][7][8]

Alternate ConfigurationsEdit

  • Alt. Config. A 
    The A variant carries a medium pulse laser in the nose, supported by an extended range small laser on a pylon above each wing. The Vandal A is most often used to deliver a massive bomb load onto a target, approaching its target at supersonic speeds and at treetop height, delivering its payload before the defenders have time to react. BV (1.0) = 875[2][9], BV (2.0)= 837[5][10][3]
  • Alt. Config. B 
    The B variant mounts six extended range small lasers, with two mounted in each wing and another pair directly below the cockpit. Because of the efficiency of its weapons, this version is most used for high-speed strafing. BV (1.0) = 916[2][3][11], BV (2.0) = 878[5][12]
  • Alt. Config. C 
    The Vandal C is armed with three ER Medium Lasers mounted in the nose, making it usable in both ground-support and air-superiority missions, despite the limitations of its fuel reserve. BV (1.0) = 1,350[2][3][13], BV (2.0)= 1,312[5][14]
  • Alt. Config. D 
    A recent variation based on the C config, the Vandal D switches from extended-range lasers to the newer Heavy Lasers, mounting a trio of Heavy Medium Lasers in the nose. BV (1.0) = 1,025[3], BV (2.0)= 1,010[5][15]
  • Alt. Config. E 
    Apparently intended for reconnaissance duties on Jihad battlefields, the Vandal-E carries a pair of ER Micro Lasers in each wing. The Active Probe in the nose is augmented by two Remote Sensor Dispensers that deploy sensor pods as the fighter flies over battlefields. BV (2.0) = 418[16]



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