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Veridian Dynamics

Veridian Dynamics
Company Information
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Ozawa
Primary Products Vehicles


Veridian Dynamics was a military manufacturer in the Federated Suns. Their Tiger tank was the standard tank of the AFFS through the Age of War.[1] Veridian expanded into the Terran Hegemony during the Reunification War to take advantage of the production contracts generated by the war effort. When the Star League Defense Force called for a close support field artillery vehicle mounting an Arrow IV missile system Veridian was able to win the contract with a simple and robust design, the Vali. The Vali was based on a recovery vehicle that had already proved itself to be a success, the RR-4, and the Vali soon proved itself a success with the SLDF, leading to a full production contract in 2600 after the initial run. In addition to the Vali Veridian also manufactured a dedicated support vehicle based on the same chassis.[2]

Cost-effective and popular, the Vali remained in production for more than fifty years, and even after production had ceased upgrade and modification programs continued throughout the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth centuries.[2]


Veridian Dynamics has an manufacturing center on the following planet:



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