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The Vibrosword is a larger version of the personal Vibroblade, a special type of melee weapon whose blade vibrates at an extremely high frequency, allowing it to penetrate both flesh and armor. Bulkier than a traditional sword, the blade's vibration also creates a distinctive hum which can alert an attentive opponent. While difficult to find, the vibrosword is a popular weapon, with DEST commandos carrying a variation known as the Vibrokatana. [1]



Item: Vibrosword[2]
Technology: Advanced technology
Equipment Ratings: E/D-D-C/D
Age of War/Early Star League: Rare
Succession Wars: Rare
Clan Invasion: Uncommon
Legality: Controlled
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 6M/3
Range: 1M
Shots: 1 PPS
Cost/Reload: 300/*
Affiliation: —
Mass: 2.5 KG
Notes: —


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