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Victoria Zibler

Victoria Zibler
Affiliation House Zibler
Rank Major General

Victoria Zibler (b. ???? – d. ????) was a senior officer in the Star League Defense Force during the Reunification War.


Victoria Zibler was commanding the 2nd Royal Brigade, a unit within the 1st Royal Division, I Corps when the V Corps' 37th Royal Brigade was defeated on Haynesville by Outworlds Alliance forces, an event that led to the commanding officer of V Corps being removed from duty. With the recall of that officer, Major General Laszlo Hooker, V Corps needed a new Corps Commander, and Victoria Zibler was selected.[1]

Zibler assumed command of V Corps in 2583, and the Corps was keen to prove it's mettle after the events of 2582. Zibler's first operation was the successful capture of Ki Zoban,[2] which was then followed by a limited campaign intended to support the orders of the Outworlds Alliance Task Force Commander, General Amos Forlough, that the will and ability of the Alliance and it's people to resist be destroyed through attacks on the civilian population and industry.[3]

Zibler began by designating the 15th Division to attack Lushann, with orders to target the Pitkin Lancers in particular for destruction; the Lancers had been formed using salvage captured from the 37th Royal Brigade, and were one of only five BattleMech regiments in the Outworlds Alliance Militia. When the Pitcairn Legion arrived in support of the defenders of Lushann, Zibler used the 15th Division to keep them pinned down and prevent them from disrupting other operations within the Alliance.[3][4]

Having occupied Lushann in March, Zibler ordered brigades from V Corps to deploy in pairs and launch highly destructive raids on the Alliance worlds of Dindatari, Morthac and Quiberas. While the deep raids into Alliance space ceased after the Day of Vengeance, Zibler continued to command V Corps throughout the war, and was still trying to destroy Colonel Elias Pitcairn and his Legion when the war ended in 2585.[3][5][6]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Laszlo Hooker
Commanding Officer, V Corps of the Star League Defense Force

Succeeded by


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