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Viper's Maw

The Viper's Maw was a signature military tactic employed by Clan Steel Viper. The Viper's Maw used two Trinary-sized columns of 'Mechs, known as the "Fangs", to attack at separate points along an enemy's line; each Fang was composed of krait and boa-type Stars and were supported by Elementals. When either one or both "Fangs" broke through, the accompanying Elementals would rush onwards to exploit the breach. As this occurred, another 'Mech group known as the "Maw" would move in to pin down the defenders. When executed properly, this left the enemy with two disagreeable choices: allow the Elementals to rampage through their rear area, or get cut down by the "Maw" as they attempted to withdraw. The Viper's Maw would prove startlingly effective against Inner Sphere forces until Tukayyid, where the Com Guards' heavy use of artillery barrages largely rendered it ineffective.[1][2]


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