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Virginia York

Virginia York
Died 3058
Affiliation Warrior House Hiritsu
Profession Shiao-zhang

Virginia York was the first master of Warrior House Hiritsu between 3045 and 3058.


In 3047, during the tenure of House Master Virginia York, 13-year-old Aris Sung stole Crescent Moon from the Hiritsu stronghold on Randar, to prove his worthiness to be accepted into House Hiritsu. When he was captured, the sword was missing; he had hidden it by taping it underneath the House Master's seat. She ordered him to return it after she left the room, and he is implied to have done so.[1]

In 3051 (or possibly late 3050) Senior Colonel James Teng and Warrior House Imarra House Master Ion Rush, caretakers of the Capellan interests, sent Warrior House Hiritsu to Gei-Fu to quell the uprising. The Warrior House vanquished the local militia (which included only one lance of light BattleMechs) and restored order in short order. A public execution of the planetary director and his supporters was prepared in Hsien Park in the Gei-Fu city of Yushui on the 8th of March, 3051. However, the ceremony was interrupted by the sole remaining militia 'Mech, a Stinger, which had managed to sneak into the park through the Nunya River in an attempt to kill Hiritsu House Master Virginia York who was present for the executions. York was saved by Aris Sung who also managed to capture the 'Mech.[1]

In 3058, traitors from within House Hiritsu conspired with the Kaifeng Sarna March Militia to bring down the Warrior House and succeeded in killing House Master Virginia York.[1]

During the Kaifeng campaign, five Hiritsu MechWarriors (Thom Lindell, Terry Chan, Jill McDaniels, Brion Lee and Kevin Larsen) betrayed their House in an attempt to weed out what they perceived to be weak elements that stood in the way of greater glory. Lindell murdered House Master York aboard the Kaifeng recharge station at the start of the invasion. Their plot was revealed, but covered up to protect the integrity of the House. With the exception of Lindell, who was later executed, the perpetrators were given a chance to die (rigged) hero's deaths in a suicidal final attack, luring the Kaifeng defenders into a trap in the process and winning the final confrontation. In all official records they are listed as combat casualties, and House Master York is officially considered the victim of an unknown Sarnese or MIIO assassin.[1]

Death and LegaciesEdit

  • House Master Virginia York developed a silent battlefield signalling system that did not use gestures common to other militaries, which was picked up by all the other Warrior Houses, and the Death Commandos (in modified form).


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