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Voidjumper III

Voidjumper III
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Quetzalcoatl
Previous classes Scout


As of July 3066, the Quetzalcoatl-class JumpShip Voidjumper III was a pirate and scavenger JumpShip operating in the Free Worlds League. Originally under the command of an individual simply referred to as "Cap", the Voidjumper III was the ship to find the derelict of the famous lost colony ship Liberator from the 22nd century in deep space. Colt Stevens subsequently led a mutiny that deposed Cap and had him spaced.

The Voidjumper III deployed at least seven unspecified long-range shuttles in the search for the Liberator which are heavily implied to be small craft, apparently KR-61, which in turn suggests that it was not built as a standard Quetzalcoatl but had at least seven Small Craft Bays.[1]

By 3066, the Voidjumper III was noted to be some three hundred years old already[1]. This means it cannot have been built to Quetzalcoatl specifications, as these were only created in the late Third Succession War; it must thus have been refitted to these specifications at some point from the original Scout class (like most Quetzalcoatls).[citation needed]


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