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Recruit is the rank given to soldiers who are entering boot camp or undergoing basic training. Frequently they have no rank insignia or a very simple one.


Recruits in the SLDF wore a white rank patch during basic training and on their first posting.[1] Recruits who were entering the SLDF Naval Command were known as Spaceman Recruits.

In the Second Star League Defense Forces, a Recruit was promoted to Private immediately after graduating boot camp.[2]

SLDF Rank insignia
Rank Insignia (First SLDF)[3] Insignia (Second SLDF)[4]

Lyran Commonwealth and Lyran AllianceEdit

LCAF/LAAF recruits wear the "Narrow Arrow" as their rank insignia, like Privates. They are not allowed to wear the Lyran Alliance insignia however.[5]

Draconis Combine Mustered SoldieryEdit

A recruit in the DCMS is titled hojuhei but bears no rank insignia.[6]

Armed Forces of the Federated SunsEdit

Recruits in the AFFS wear a black sword on a green field as their rank insignia, regardless of their service branch.[7]

AFFS Ranks by Branch of service
Rank Insignia

Capellan Confederation Armed ForcesEdit

Unlike in other militaries, in the CCAF the rank of Recruit takes the place of Private and is retained by everyone who has completed basic training; prior to then, they are simply known as "Citizen." Infantry soldiers, vehicle support crews, and other non-rated laborers are all Recruits. After the Xin Sheng reforms, the title was replaced with Shia-ben-bing.[8][9]

Free Worlds LeagueEdit

Like the first Star League, the FWLM has Recruits and Spaceman Recruit depending on the desired branch of service. A Recruit in the FWLM has no rank insignia.[10]

The ClansEdit

All the Clans lack the rank of recruit, as all members of a Warrior caste training sibko are essentially recruits. Several Clans refer to their warrior sibko members by nicknames however, which could be considered recruit ranks.

Clan Hell's HorsesEdit

Clan Hell's Horses warrior trainees are frequently referred to as "colts." [11][12]

Clan Jade FalconEdit

Clan Jade Falcon training officers (Falconers) will sometimes refer to their sibko members as "fledgelings."[13]

ComStar/Word of BlakeEdit

Neither ComStar nor the Word of Blake Militia use the rank of recruit.[14]

Free Rasalhague RepublicEdit

The KungsArmé doesn't use an explicit recruit rank.[15]

Periphery PowersEdit

Magistracy of CanopusEdit

In the Magistracy Armed Forces, all incoming troops are known as a Volunteer until they have passed basic training.[16][17] Their rank insignia is a simple blue-green diamond edged in silver.

Magistracy Armed Forces Insignia
Rank Insignia

Taurian Defense ForceEdit

All citizens of the Taurian Concordat must serve for four years in the Taurian Defense Force - two years on active duty, two years in the reserve - though the nature of that service varies. If they desire an actual military role, a Recruit will be given eighteen weeks of basic training before being assigned to a field unit. Other Recruits are given more limited instruction and instead assigned to their local canton's provisional training battalion, where their duties tend more towards garbage patrol than combat patrol. They use a single silver ring as their rank insignia.[18][19][20]

Taurian Defense Force Insignia
Rank Insignia

Marian HegemonyEdit

In the Hegemony Armed Forces, a recruit undergoing training is known as miles, which is Latin for soldier.[21] They wear no rank insignia.

Outworlds AllianceEdit

As the Alliance Military Corps gets most of its new troops via planetary lotteries held by the Parliaments of individual member worlds, calling a trainee "Recruit" is inaccurate. In recognition of this, the AMC identifies all its trainee soldiers as Defender.[22] A Defender's rank insignia is a simple green circle.

Alliance Military Corps Insignia
Rank Insignia

Hanseatic LeagueEdit

In the Hanseatic League this rank name is called Soldier.[23]

Umayyad CaliphateEdit

In the Umayyad Caliphate this rank name is called Safiya.[23]

Castillan PrincipalitiesEdit

In the Nueva Castile this rank name is called Caballero.[23]


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