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W-7 Facilities

W-7 Facilities is a Clan Wolf manufacturing facilities/organization located in both the Inner Sphere and Clan Space.[1]

W-7 Facilities
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Tamar
Primary Products Battle Armor


The W-7 Facilities has been a mysterious production designation for Clan Wolf, originally used as the name of a manufacturing plant on the Clan world of Tranquil. It has since been expanded to include Inner Sphere worlds as of 3077, including the world of Weingarten. The W-7 factory is operating out of the remains of the Weingarten Industriplex. The facilities there consist of a number of mobile facilities used to manufacture spare parts as well as new vehicles and 'Mechs for Clan Wolf's Touman. W-7 Facilities is now believed to be the overall name of Clan Wolf's BattleMech manufacturing facilities. One of the three W-7 Facilities is thought to be completely mobile, which is able to relocate to any suitable location.[2] During the Jihad the W-7 facility on Tamar lost 65% of its personnel and was barely operating at 60% in 3079. The Weingarten facility was better off, as it hadn't lost any staff and was operating at full capability.[3] In addition, parts produced at W-7 were shipped to the W-8 Facilities for assembly.[4]

The Weingarten facility is actually a series of smaller industrial complexes that have been placed near easily-accessible resources. The only unifying feature is their proximity to the spaceport. After the Jihad ended, the Weingarten W-7 plants began refitting Inner Sphere BattleMechs to their IIC versions.[4]


W-7 has an manufacturing center on the following planets:


Components produced on Tamar:[5][6]
Component Type
Sun Cobra[5] Medium BattleMech
Tundra Wolf 4[6] Heavy BattleMech
IX Endo Steel Sun Cobra[5]
TW-2 Heavy Endo Steel Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Fusion Engine - XL
220 XL Sun Cobra[5]
Starfire 300 XL Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Jump Jets
BMP Series XV Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Advanced/3 Sun Cobra[5]
Beta Compound (Standard) Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Communications System
Build 1685 Tacticom Sun Cobra[5]
Khan Series (Type 3a) Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Targeting-Tracking System
Build 2 Cat TTS Sun Cobra[5]
Build 4 MadCat TTS Tundra Wolf 4[6]
ER Medium Laser
Series 2b Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Large Pulse Laser
Delta Series Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Gauss Rifle
Series II Sun Cobra[5]
AP Gauss Rifle
Tau-II Tundra Wolf 4[6]
Type 9 Series Tundra Wolf 4[6]


Components produced on Tranquil:[7][8][9]
Component Type
Adder (Puma)[7] Light OmniMechs
Ice Ferret (Fenris)[8] Medium OmniMechs
Lobo[9] Medium BattleMech
Hooded Endo Light Adder[7]
Type A Endo Steel Lobo[9]
Hellion Medium Gamma Endo-Steel Ice Ferret[8]
Fusion Engine - XL
Great Father 210 XL Adder[7]
General Systems 240 XL Lobo[9]
360 Type II XL Ice Ferret[8]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
MAC Level 5 Ferro-Fibrous Ice Ferret[8]
Star Lite Ferro-Fibrous Adder[7]
Type-1 Ferro-Fibrous Lobo[9]
Communications System
Hellion Special 354B Ice Ferret[8]
Howler 79 Lobo[9]
Trueborn Ultra 945B Adder[7]
Targeting-Tracking System
Adder Special V8.6 Adder[7]
Model 92 "Stalker" Lobo[9]
Wolf Hunter Mk VII Ice Ferret[8]
DuPont Ultra PM Adder[7]
ER Large Laser
Volt-7 Lobo[9]
Heavy Medium Laser
General Systems Lobo[9]
Heavy Small Laser
General Systems Lobo[9]
CC 6-rack Lobo[9]
Anti-Missile System
Shield-3 Lobo[9]


Components produced on Weingarten:[10][11][12][4][13]
Component Type
Locust IIC[4] Light BattleMech
Blood Reaper[10][4] Heavy BattleMech (3079)
Guillotine IIC (refits)[4] Heavy BattleMech
Orion IIC (refits)[4] Heavy BattleMech
Highlander IIC (refits)[4] Assault BattleMech
Night Wolf[11] Assault BattleMech (Since least 3085)
Mad Cat[4] Heavy OmniMech
Ares Medium Tank[4] Tracked Vehicles
Badger (C) Tracked Transport[4] Tracked Vehicles
Bandit (C)[4] Hovercraft
Carnivore[12] Tracked Vehicles (As of 3082)
Zorya Light Tank[4] Tracked Vehicles
Battle Armor
Elemental[4] Medium Battle Armor
Medium Clan Battle Armor "Rache"[4] Medium Battle Armor
Undine[4] Medium Battle Armor
Black Wolf Battle Armor[13] Heavy Battle Armor
DSAM Endo 4 Night Wolf[11]
Type W4 Endo Steel Blood Reaper[10]
Fusion Engine - XL
320 XL Carnivore[12]
280 Fusion XL Blood Reaper[10]
Light Force 360 XL Night Wolf[11]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Advanced/3 Blood Reaper[10] & Carnivore[12]
Compound 1282 Standard Night Wolf[11]
Jump Jets
BMP Series XV Blood Reaper[10]
Grandthrust Mk. 5 Night Wolf[11]
Communications System
2SH C3w/ECM Suit Carnivore[12]
Build 1685 Tacticom Blood Reaper[10]
TJ6 "Bell" Mark II w/ECM Night Wolf[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
Mars System 9 (Build 2) w/Targeting Computer Night Wolf[11]
Build 2 CAT TTS Blood Reaper[10]
Build 4 JVJ TTS Carnivore[12]
ER Medium Laser
Series 2d Night Wolf[11] & Carnivore[12]
Heavy Medium Laser
General Systems Blood Reaper[10]
Heavy Large Laser
Series 4D-2 Night Wolf[11]
Gauss Rifle
Series II Carnivore[12]
Plasma Cannon
Zeta-series X Night Wolf[11]
Type 22 Blood Reaper[10]
CC-Rack Blood Reaper[10]
Type 9 Series 1 Night Wolf[11]
Anti-Missile System
Shield 3A Night Wolf[11]
Heavy Machine Gun
Series XIV Carnivore[12]


As of this its not clear is the status of the W-7 Facilities in Clan space, if it still exists or retains its "W-7" name.[14]


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