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The War College of Goshen

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The War College of Goshen is a private military academy in the Federated Suns.

The War College of Goshen
Goshen BattleMech Academy Logo
Goshen BattleMech Academy Logo
Academy Information
Previous Name(s) Goshen BattleMech Academy
Location Goshen
Founding Year 2950s
Course Information


The Goshen BattleMech Academy, located in Pithom, on Goshen's Tiberian continent[1], was founded in the 2950s[2] by Generals Alexander and Truscott, retired AFFS officers who were tired of seeing the quality of soldiers in the Capellan March plummet.[3] Within a decade, it had added aerospace training programs, and changed its name to the War College of Goshen to specify that it taught more than BattleMech combat. It has become known throughout the AFFS for producing efficient combat leaders,[4] and was named the 4th best military academy in the Federated Suns by the New Avalon Post in 3059.[5] By 3085 their graduates were the most-requested new officers in the AFFS.[6]

Dark AgesEdit

Once called Goshen BattleMech Academy, the War College of Goshen has continued to expand and refine its curriculum intending to produce soldiers who are also well-rounded thinkers. The College is known for its use of actual ‘Mechs and vehicles on live-fire ranges, as opposed to simulators—a reality attributed to its success. After only a few mishaps on the range, cadets have quickly adjusted, and they generally are graduated with a strong sense of self-preservation.[7]

The majority of Goshen grads have lately reported directly to duty within House Davion; only a few still seem to lack focus on their ultimate destination. Because of the unconventional techniques and focus on past military history, these graduates are better prepared for the realities of combat than are most of their counterparts. House Davion continues to take these graduates in hopes that such knowledge will give them an edge in the battles to come.[8]

Studies & AtmosphereEdit

Recruitment at the War College of Goshen is through word of mouth, similar to Sakhara Academy. Often, multiple generations of warriors will return to Goshen to study. The curriculum focuses on military history and strategy, focusing less on specialty studies and more on creating well-rounded officers. Cadets spend significant amounts of time studying biographies of great military leaders and studying historical campaigns. All primary training is accomplished through live-fire exercises,[9] both among the cadets and against other forces acting as OpFor. These include the Marlette CrMM, which often acts as the opposing force for the annual graduation exercise.[10]

In spring of 3077, third-year cadets began to face "Two If By Sea", a reenactment of a 3073 pirate raid on Caldwell by a conventional raiding force utilizing heavily modified Striker tanks. One of these so-called "Wet Strikers" is on display at Goshen, with a plaque reminding cadets not to underestimate their enemies.[11]

After the Jihad the War College expanded its training programs to cover all courses of study. It also received permission to add a local training base camp for enlisted troops who will function as armor crews and conventional infantry. These troops are commanded by a cadet officer from the War College. This model was introduced by the Sakhara Academy.[12]

Faculty and StaffEdit

Training BattalionEdit

Participation in the Goshen War College Training Battalion is not compulsory for cadets. Cadets who feel they could use additional experience before entering a regular army unit can request assignment to the training battalion. They must then meet with their academic adviser, who must agree that it would be beneficial. The battalion itself is a combined arms unit, with a different assortment of Mechs, fighters, vehicles and infantry each year.[19]

Notable AlumniEdit

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