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Warner Doles

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This article is about the character. For the real person, see Warner Doles (Person).
Warner Doles
Died 19 September 3070
Affiliation St. Ives Compact
Rank Colonel
Profession MechWarrior
Children Yes[1]

Warner Doles - thirty-first century MechWarrior and Commanding Officer. He was an officer of the St. Ives Compact armed forces prior to the Capellan-St. Ives War. He was part of the Capellan-engineered event that triggered that war. He later joined up with Free Capella, and continued to oppose Sun-Tzu Liao's military forces well into the Jihad period.

Military CareerEdit

Warner Doles was the commanding officer of the Second Battalion of the Blackwind Lancers. In this capacity, he was one of the people that helped to start the Capellan-St. Ives War. He and his commanding officer, Trisha Smithson (who was later discovered to be a deep-cover Capellan), jumped the St. Ives border to strike the Capellan Confederation world of Hustaing. There, they narrowly came close to capturing Isis Marik, but were beaten back by elite Warrior House troops. Warner Doles and all of his men were captured by the Capellans, but were later returned to the St. Ives Compact (without any of their equipment) in a prisoner exchange.

Doles was immediately assigned as the Colonel of the Blackwind Lancers upon his arrival back in St. Ives territory, and was refitted with new St. Ives 'Mechs for the defense against the Capellans. He and his Lancers fought against the Capellans in a slow, grinding battle on the St. Ives Front, but were slowly pushed back by the sheer number of Capellan troops. Prior to the Black May attacks, he was approached by the leader of Free Capella, Tormano Liao, who had recently "recaptured" Doles' former commanding officer. After admitting to being a Liao agent, she tried to gun down Tormano, but was cut down by Doles.

Post-Military CareerEdit

Although Doles never truly left the military, he joined up with Free Capella permanently following the dissolution of the St. Ives Compact in 3063. In this capacity, he opposed the Capellans in the former Compact up until the Word of Blake Jihad. When the Blakists detonated a nuclear device against St. Ives and framed the Federated Suns for the attack, Doles, along with the rest of Free Capella, joined the government to fight the Suns and the Blakists, even after it was revealed to be a Blakist trick. [citation needed]

Doles died defending the Celestial Palace on Sian against a Word of Blake assault (with mercenary support), where he led the Blackwind Lancers in a suicidal defense of what appeared to be the Chancellor's Emperor on 19 September 3070. This action checked the Word of Blake forces' advance, and they began to withdraw shortly afterwards.[2]


  • The character Warner Doles was created as an homage to former BattleTech supporter/contributor Warner Doles.


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