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Water Pure Industries

Water Pure Industries Company Logo

Water Pure Industries is the premier water filtration equipment producer in the Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance[1] [2]

Company ProfileEdit

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: WaPur [1] [2]

Home Office: Rio Grande, Corridan IV [1] [2]

President/CEO: Kirkus Tal (circa 3025)[1] Chandler Tal (circa 3067)[2]


Founded in 2321 by Gabriel Tal, a part-time chemical engineer who developed the fusion water filtration process in 2319, the family-run business has since expanded into the largest of the five companies manufacturing industrial-scale water purification systems in the Lyran realm on the back of its trademark technical expertise. Despite being destroyed multiple times during the Succession Wars, Water Pure has always rebuilt their facilities bigger and better each time, with satellite plants on Freedom and Ryde supporting its primary factory on Corridan, the most advanced water purification plant in the Inner Sphere. [1] [2]


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