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Wisdom of the Dragon

The Wisdom of the Dragon is an officer finishing school for the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. Located on Kagoshima, it is open only to graduates of one of the Draconis Combine's military academy or current members of the DCMS. Enrollment is further restricted to those who achieved excellent grades or who have the endorsement of a tai-sa or higher-ranking officer.[1][2][3]

Wisdom of the Dragon
Wisdom of the Dragon Insignia
Wisdom of the Dragon Insignia
Academy Information
Location Kagoshima
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

No basic training is taught at Wisdom, as all cadets are expected to have already gone through such training. Instead the coursework focuses on improving the cadet's existing skills - whether as a MechWarrior, pilot, cavalryman, infantryman or (more recently) Battle Armor trooper - and turning them into some of the best warriors in the DCMS. The intensity of the atmosphere at Wisdom has no match anywhere else, as cadets are pushed to the limits to meet the high physical and mental standards; a strict adherence to bushido adds even more pressure to the cadets. Having already graduated from an academy (or survived on the battlefield), few cadets drop out from the pressure though, and most attrition comes during training exercises.[2][3]

Graduates are given both a Wakizashi and a Katana blade, even if the officer has already received them elsewhere.[1]

Graduates of Wisdom are masters of strategy and command, expected to serve the DCMS honorably and uphold the tenets of bushido at all times. They are also personally awarded the diasho by the Coordinator himself at a lavish ceremony.[2][3]


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