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Wolf's Dragoons - 4th Succession War

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Before the 4th Succession War, Wolf's Dragoons were under contract to the DCMS. It was unusual that this command was handled with respect and honor by a society with little regard for paid soldiers. Their first Liaison Officer was Colonel Minobu Tetsuhara who established good relations with the elite Dragoons. His successor, Jerry Akuma, destroyed these relations by needless provocation, supply shortages and other problems. Some rumors suggest that the Coordinator, Takeshi Kurita would force the Dragoons to become a House unit under DCMS guidance. A Warlord, Grieg Samsonov, used this development to instigate some rioters against the mercenaries. After losing families and other personnel to a DEST raid the Dragoons' CO Jaime Wolf decided to leave the Draconis Combine once and for all.
Jaime Wolf knew the bushido code well and called the DCMS to a series of duels to gain revenge against House Kurita. The DCMS agreed and accepted the planet Misery for this event. Five Dragoon regiments would face 9 DCMS units (3 Galedon, 1 Sword of Light, 5 Ryuken). The Dragoons survived with over 60% casualties and the Draconis Combine units suffered horrendous losses. The Warlord would destroy the unit through another assault with two regiments. Only the sacrifice of 3 companies of recruits saved their lives. The 17th Avalon Hussars gave the Dragoons a safe passage to Harrow's Sun for a short time to rest and refit. The Dragoons signed a contract which included the defense of Harrow's Sun, Wapakoneta and Glenmora. The families were relocated deeper in the Federated Suns far away from possible fighting.

Planet Attackers Defenders
Harrow's Sun 8th Galedon Regulars Wolf's Dragoons Gamma + Epsilon
The Regulars filled with fury to avenge their former Warlord used every opportunity to punish the mercenaries. The Dragoons had only 8 'Mech companies after the bitter fighting on Misery for the defense of the planet. The approach of the Regulars were slowly. After a series of engagements the Dragoons deliver more damage that they take. The commanders called the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry for support after analyzing that they had no change to get a pat situation. The Regulars headed to the Fort Belvior were the mercs waited for the last battle. The DCMS carry on with their assault on AFFS positions. The combat engineers prepared the Fort well but the DCMS were skilled to. The attackers built some tunnels and some foot infantry ake it in to the Fort and seed chaos. The mercs retreat back to the space port and losing more units. Only 36 damaged mechs from the beginning 108 reached the waiting DropShips. The 2 battered units retreat to the gathering point Crossing.

Planet Attackers Defenders
Wapakoneta 3rd Proserpina Hussars + 20th Galedon Regulars Wolf's Dragoons Beta + Delta
The campaign for this planet was fierce. The initial landing saw the destruction of most of the fighters during a raid of a Dragoon company. The two COs on the DCMS side have different views. The commanders of the Regulars decided to march in compact formation, because the other CO argued for the use of smaller search and destroy parties. The mercs suffer with the ongoing fight many good soldiers and valuable machines. The officers of the defenders make a last stand after a successful ambush against the Hussars. The Dragoons chose to fight at a mining site against the invaders. After several successful defenses the DCMS secured a beachhead in the city. During the fighting retreat the Dragoons lost more men and machines to the dragon. From the initial 9 companies barely 4 companies could retreat to Crossing.

Planet Attackers Defenders
Glenmora 5th Galedon Regulars + 16th Galedon Regulars Wolf's Dragoons Alpha
First the 5th landed on the planet and as the personal regiment of the former warlord they sought a personal revenge for their commander. The Regulars meet the Dragoons on several occasions and suffer some loses. The feared Black Widow Company seed chaos in the lines of the invaders but could hold the approach only temporarily. With the arrival of Jaime Wolf the DCMS send also reinforcement in form of the 16th Galedon Regulars. Both DCMS units combined their might and fight a fierce battle against the defending mercs. The AFFS sent the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry as reinforcement for the Wolf Dragoons. But the inexperienced soldiers suffer horrendous losses against the seasoned combine warriors. During the landing phase the command lost their commanding officer. The Dragoons used the local volunteers to set ambushes and traps at every opportunity. The DCMS units made a final assault when they were informed about the incoming Dragoon DropShips. With the support of the DLC sub units the mercs secured enough time to lift off. Both commands suffered heavy losses. The Cavalry lost one third of men and material and the Dragoons could save only 30 'Mechs.

Planet Attackers Defenders
Crossing 5th Galedon Regulars + 8th Galedon Regulars + 12th Galedon Regulars + 16th Galedon Regulars survivors of Wolf Dragoons
The final battle was fierce. Outfitted with replacements the DCMS regiments had the superior numbers and the Dragoons the better defending position and experience. After several attempts to overwhelm the mercenaries the DCMS sought the decision in a final assault. The Coordinator's DEST commando paid them dearly. But with the arrival of the Zeta Assault Battalion and the assistance of the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry the Wolf's Dragoons survived. From the initial 432 'Mechs on the DCMS side only 112 made it off world.