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Type JumpShip


The THS Yosemite was a colony JumpShip originating in the Terran Hegemony, one of many to be involved in the relentless colonial expansion humanity launched itself on during the days of the Terran Alliance. The THS Yosemite is noteworthy for the fact that she failed in her mission; in 2499 the Yosemite was operating in the Deep Periphery when she suffered crippling damage to her K-F Drive in the system tagged by Terran Alliance stellar cartographers as Waypoint 531.[1]

The Yosemite and her cargo of colonists perished shortly after the K-F Drive failure, and the Yosemite herself was soon just a lost footnote in the Terran Hegemony's colonization history; she was rediscovered by ComStar in 2833, three and a half centuries after her loss. Having located her in the Waypoint 531 system - a system consisting of no astral bodies other than the red giant star at the heart of the system and four large asteroids known collectively as "The Brothers" - ComStar stripped the Yosemite of her DropShips and any viable technology they could find, and then abandoned her remains to be destroyed in the relentless solar winds.[1]


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