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Zeroing In

Zeroing In
Product information
Type Short story
Author Robert Thurston
Pages 22
Interior artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 9 September 2004
Era Succession Wars era
Series (Prequel to The Legend of the Jade Phoenix)
Followed by Way of the Clans

Zeroing In, subtitled "A Prequel to The Legend of the Jade Phoenix", is a story by Robert Thurston, originally published on BattleCorps on 9 September 2004. Since 14 January 2005 it is available for purchase as a PDF file on BattleShop. It was also included in the print anthology The Corps.

Teaser textEdit

Everyone's favorite Falconer, Joanna, is back for a prequel, telling one of the many tales that took place before she met Diana, or Horse, or Aidan Pryde. This Jade Falcon story by Robert Thurston heralds the author's return to Classic BattleTech fiction, and shows that you can go home again.

Plot summaryEdit

Upon arriving at the Ironhold training camp, newly appointed Falconer Joanna moves into her decrepit quarters and unpacks her belongings. Among these is a locked box with a collection of items she carries from place to place as mementos. Three of these pertain to Joanna's memory of Lyonor, the closest equivalent to a friend she ever had: a holographic photo of Lyonor looking happy (after a prolonged, exhausting fight with Joanna); a comb made from an unusually symmetrical shell Joanna found on a beach on Strana Mechty and had made into a comb (and a work of art) by a labor casteman, which Lyonor once used to almost kill another MechWarrior with; and a piece of armor that remained from Lyonor's Summoner after she was killed in a freak collision accident involving Joanna's malfunctioning Hellbringer and fire from an enemy Stormcrow during battle with Clan Ghost Bear.

Like Joanna, Lyonor coveted but never achieved a bloodname.

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