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Nova Cat
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Nova Cat
Model Nova Cat
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 70 Tons tons
Chassis Mynx Type Heavy Standard
Armor Alpha Compound Plate Standard
Engine fusion
Speed 43 K\PH Cruising, 65 K\PH Running km/h


After its defeat onTukayyid, Clan Nova Cat began working with the Draconis Combine , and, to preserve the clan millitarily and in spirit, feilded the Nova Cat Omnimech.


The Standard configuration is all long range energy weapons, which, although allowing the Nova Cat to stay in the battle for a longer period of time, means the pilot will have to alternate their weapon choices to avoid overheating.


Alternate Configuration A - Alternate Configuration A Is armed with 4 ER Large Lasers linked to a targeting computer, for increased accuracy.

Alternate Configuration B - Alternate Configuration B deviates from the formula of the Primary and Alternate Configurations greatly, as it is more of a missile boat than a Sniper, being equipped with six LRM-15s and a single ER Medium Laser.

Alternate Configuration C - Alternate Configuration C , like Alternate Configuration B is not all energy weapons, and is equipped with two Ultra AC5s , one LB-5X AC and Two Large Pulse Lasers.

Alternate Configuration D - Alternate Configuration D is very simmilar to Alternate Configuration C, being equipped with an LB-10X AC and three Heavy Large Lasers.