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| name = Technical Readout: 3025 Revised
| image = TRO 3025r.JPG
| image = TRO 3025r.JPG
| publisher = [[FASA]]
| publisher = [[FASA]]

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This revision of Technical Readout: 3025 removed the infamous Unseen (the entire entry, not just the artwork) and replaced them with 3025-era variants from Technical Readout: 2750.


  • Introductions
Adept XVII-sigma David Keith, ComStar, 5 June 3025 (previously unattributed)
Major-General Margaret Tulliver. Deputy Director, Wolfnet, 22 March 3058

  • Light 'Mechs
Mercury Thorn Commando Mongoose Hermes
Hussar Javelin Spider UrbanMech Firestarter
Jenner Panther

  • Medium 'Mechs
Assassin Cicada Clint Hermes II Sentinel
Vulcan Whitworth Blackjack Hatchetman Vindicator
Wyvern Centurion Crab Enforcer Hunchback
Trebuchet Dervish Kintaro

  • Heavy 'Mechs
Champion Dragon Lancelot Quickdraw Bombardier
Catapult Exterminator JagerMech Grasshopper Guillotine
Black Knight Flashman Orion

  • Assault 'Mechs
Awesome Charger Thug Victor Zeus
Crockett Stalker Cyclops Highlander Banshee
Atlas King Crab

  • Combat Vehicles
Boomerang Swift Wind J-27 MASH Truck Pack Rat
Mobile HQ 135-K Rommel Patton Von Luckner
Long Tom

  • Aerospace Fighters
Seydlitz Cheetah Thrush Sparrowhawk Sholagar
Corsair Transit Stingray Lucifer Shilone
Transgressor Slayer Chippewa Riever Stuka

  • DropShips
Leopard Leopard CV Union Overlord


  • Unlike some other revised TROs, this one did not have the word 'Revised' in the cover title. Instead, it was only located on the banner page.
  • This book is now partly included in Technical Readout: 3039 (without space ships).