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Like Technical Readout: 3025 Revised, Technical Readout: 3050 Revised was the managed response to the issue of the Unseen. Also removed from the original lineup for Technical Readout: 3050 was the large number of pages devoted to the newer (at the time) high technology weapons and equipment, which were available (at this title's printing) via some of the rulebooks. Thirty-one combat assets were included in this revised edition, most being Level 2 versions of the 'Mechs and combat vehicles introduced in Technical Readout: 2750.


  • Introduction - in-character descriptions of the title's contents
Adept XXI-sigma Merle Jimmus, ComStar (8 February, 3052)
Major-General Margaret Tulliver, Deputy Director, Wolfnet (22 March, 3058)

  • The Clans - A series of articles
    • Status of the Invasion & destroyed Inner Sphere units
    • Clan behavior and organization
    • OmniMechs
    • Elementals

  • OmniMechs
Fire Moth (Dasher) Mist Lynx (Koshi) Kit Fox (Uller) Adder (Puma) Viper (Dragonfly)
Ice Ferret (Fenris) Nova (Black Hawk) Stormcrow (Ryoken) Mad Dog (Vulture) Hellbringer (Loki)
Summoner (Thor) Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) Gargoyle (Man O' War) Warhawk (Masakari) Executioner (Gladiator)
Dire Wolf (Daishi)

  • Inner Sphere Response - a series of articles
    • Production
    • Technology
    • Strategy
    • Deployment

  • Light 'Mechs
Flea Hornet Mercury Thorn Commando
Mongoose Falcon Firefly Hermes Hussar
Javelin Spider UrbanMech Firestarter Jenner
Panther Raven Wolfhound

  • Medium 'Mechs
Assassin Cicada Clint Hermes II Sentinel
Vulcan Whitworth Blackjack Hatchetman Vindicator
Wolf Trap Wyvern Centurion Crab Enforcer
Hunchback Trebuchet Dervish Hoplite Kintaro

  • Heavy 'Mechs
Champion Grand Dragon Lancelot Quickdraw Axman
Bombardier Catapult Exterminator JagerMech Caesar
Cataphract Grasshopper Guillotine Black Knight Flashman

  • Assault 'Mechs
Awesome Charger Hatamoto-Chi Thug Victor
Zeus Katana Shogun Stalker Cyclops
Highlander Mauler Banshee Annihilator Atlas
Imp King Crab

  • Combat Vehicles
Gabriel Ripper Beagle Rotunda Nightshade
Cyrano Lightning Zephyr Chaparral Kanga
Thor Demon Marksman Magi Burke
Fury Rhino Puma

  • Index


The following was removed from this revised edition: Wasp, Locust, Stinger, Valkyrie, Ostscout, Phoenix Hawk, Griffin, Scorpion, Shadow Hawk, Wolverine, Ostroc, Ostsol, Rifleman, Crusader, Thunderbolt, Archer, Warhammer, Marauder BattleMechs, the 'new' technology of weapons, electronics & construction materials and the various construction & game rules for the Clan assets.